Pet Friendly Cafe | Maggie’s Dog Cafe, Coffs Harbour

If you are heading to or through the NSW North Coast, you must visit Maggie’s Dog Cafe in Moonee Beach! Maggie’s Dog Cafe is the first of its kind in Australia and a must go to for every pug and their human.

Maggie’s Dog Cafe is the first cafe to have indoor & outdoor seating for both human & hound. That’s right, you and your pug can sit either inside or outside and both enjoy a drink & snack. What more could you ask for? Well there is a whole lot more. Maggie’s Dog Cafe isn’t just a cafe. It is also a shop so you can pick up some goodies for your pug whilst you are there including bedding, clothing, harnesses, leads, collars, toys, even some grooming goodies and treats to take home. But that’s not it. They also have grooming facilities so your pug can freshen up at your visit.

Pet Friendly Cafe | Maggie’s Dog Cafe, Coffs Harbour |

Now if you are visiting Coffs Harbour and have plans to explore places where your pug can’t go, then Maggie’s Dog Cafe is the best place to take your pug so you can both enjoy the day. They have recently added doggy daycare to their services and your pug could hangout in one of their shacks, have a play and of course a bite to eat and drink during their stay. It is everything you want and more.

Maggie’s Dog Cafe every weekend hold breed specific playdates where anyone can come along and enjoy the facilities they offer as well as meet new & old friends. They have some great little off lead, secured play areas for dogs of all sizes making it a great way for your pug to interact with others. Just remember though, you still need to be the parent and keep an eye on your dog to ensure they are playing nice.

Pet Friendly Cafe | Maggie’s Dog Cafe, Coffs Harbour |

When we got to Maggie’s Dog Cafe, we arrived when it was quieter than we thought which worked to our advantage as we had the choice of seats. It was a lovely day so we picked an outdoor table so we could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air whilst having the chance to have a drink & snack handsfree with being able to make use of Maggie’s dog parking. Yes, dog parking! I loved this idea as I could slip Ref & Serina’s leads over the pole and let them check everything out within reach of the length of their lead. Totally perfect.

Pet Friendly Cafe | Maggie’s Dog Cafe, Coffs Harbour |

The menu at Maggie’s Dog Cafe was great for human & hound. They have the typical coffee and tea options as well as some of the popular sweet treat drinks that anyone with a sweet tooth will love. There are some great simple food options for a light brekkie, lunch or just a snack with croissants, toast, sandwiches and sweets available. But the most important part of the menu is what is available for those hungry pugs to eat. There is drinks, meals, snacks and desserts available. With Puppicino, Barkerade & Paw Blonde Dog Beer available, we couldn’t go past a puppicino each for Ref & Serina. There were some really appealing meals available but as they already had brekkie and on a pretty strict diet, we went with the super healthy dehydrated kidney treats.

Pet Friendly Cafe | Maggie’s Dog Cafe, Coffs Harbour |

The service is great with the pugs getting their puppicino & kidney snacks before the humans got their treats. Maggie’s Dog Parking was perfect for the pugs to enjoy their snack & drink whilst I could snap away and record them enjoying it. As their order came out on beautiful raised feeders with a fun plastic plate and bowl, I could have them focused on their own treat with Serina up on the dog parking platform and Ref on the ground. Seriously perfect for these two. They devoured their treats and licked each others plates in no time.

When we were planning our trip to Coffs Harbour, we were told we must go to Maggie’s Dog Cafe and now I understand why. We all absolutely loved heading there and we could not recommend them high enough. So if you are anywhere near the NSW North Coast at all, make sure that you visit Maggie’s Dog Cafe whether it is to book the pug in for a groom, daycare or just to enjoy some downtime. It has our pug approval!

Pet Friendly Cafe | Maggie’s Dog Cafe, Coffs Harbour |

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