Your Pug is What They Eat

Your Pug is What They Eat |

Have you heard the saying, you are what you eat? I’m sure most of you have and totally understand what it means for us as humans. But have you thought about it in the same aspect for your pug? Well it’s true, your pug is what they eat!

The downside of social media is that I see so many questions, and even statements, posted in pug groups that most often the answer leads back to diet and yet I see so much poor advice given. As a general rule, I don’t comment on posts that involve diet unless I can see they are open to hearing what I have to say. And most often, they’re not. But the great thing about my blog is I get to share what I think with the people that want to hear it. And today, it really is all about your pug is what they eat!

Have you ever noticed that your pug is generally smelly? Not fishy butt smell, not yeasty corn chip smell but just general doggy smells. The way your pug smells comes down to what goes in their body 95% of the time. If you feed a highly processed unnatural diet, it can often change the way your pug smells.

Your Pug is What They Eat |

When Ref was a puppy, he had a stay at the vet and he was the sookiest baby pug ever so he did nothing but cry. When Ref was a puppy, I fed him supermarket bought kibble but never canned dog food because the smell of it would make me throw up. If I can’t handle the smell of canned dog food, imagine what that smell would do to your pug when they eat it. Ref was given a Kong filled with canned dog food to keep him quiet. And I can tell you, never in my life would I feed canned dog food again. Seriously, the smell of that food seeped through Ref’s skin and he stunk for days because of it. Once it was out of his system and he could be bathed, he was back to his regular smell. I’d bath him every 4-6 weeks when he was fed kibble cause he got that general dog smell.

Now that Ref is fed a completely natural raw diet, he doesn’t get that doggy smell. I mean not at all. I can easily go 4 or more months without bathing him and he still won’t have that doggy smell. And it’s all because of what goes into his body. Just goes to show that your pug is what they eat.

Your Pug is What They Eat |

It’s not just for that general doggy smell either. It’s other smells too like that fishy butt smell, those smelly farts and definitely that stinky breath. Oh and the poop. It all changes. I don’t remember the last time Ref or Serina had done a smelly fart. Their breath is rarely smelly, unless of course they’ve just had sardines for dinner. That’s not just because they aren’t eating processed food but because their raw diet provides quality dental hygiene for them. Both Ref and Serina have never needed their anal glands expressed in the time I have had them. They barely get fishy butt smells and if they do, it’s so minimal that you don’t even notice it. And the poop. The poop isn’t as stinky either. I mean, it is still poop and it is going to smell but it’s never gag worthy. All of this is thanks to their diet!

What your pug eats not only affects how they look, it affects how they feel, how they behave and definitely how they smell. The next time your pug gets smelly, consider why because your pug is what they eat!

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Kristy Beck

Kristy Beck

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