Winston Manner Dog Accessories Review

Ref & I have been using the Winston Manner harness, collar & lead sets for the past 3 months as our preferred pug swag when we head out. We’ve been to pug meets, Million Paws Walk, A Pooch Affair in Canberra and on walks & outings and Ref has been the most fashionable pug around (I may be just a bit biased in that statement though). And now I am here to tell you all about Winston Manner, why you’ll love it too and where you can get it from.

Who is Winston Manner?
Winston is not your average black pug. He is, well, big boned. And when you have a big chest and are taller than your average pug, it can be rather hard to find collars & harnesses that fit. So here comes the best solution for Winston… his mum designing harnesses & collars that are adjustable and will not only fit your average dog, but your not so average dog. And so Winston Manner was born.

Winston Manner Review |

Who is it best for?
Winston Manner is perfect for every dog, big or small. With a good range of designs available and both collars and harnesses being adjustable, you are bound to find the perfect collar, harness and lead for your pug. These are not your average designs either so all fashion forward pups are going to adore these pieces. Comfortable, practical and stylish, Winston Manner is what all dogs of shapes and sizes will want to wear.

What are the benefits?

  • Collars are adjustable and come with an ID tag to personalise
  • Collars feature bamboo lining making them more comfortable around the neck
  • Collars available in standard colours and designer prints
  • Harnesses are adjustable around the neck and belly making them the right fit for your dog
  • Harnesses available in a range of designer prints
  • Leads to match both collars and harnesses
  • Leads have an additional clip that allows you to safely tie your dog up without removing the lead
  • Leads are lined with bamboo so they are comfortable for the humans hand
  • Boxed sets available for coordination and value

Where to buy?
At the moment, Winston Manner gear is only available from their online store. But the best part is that they not only ship Australia wide but they ship internationally so all pugs of the world can get their Winston Manner swag on. Pieces start from $35.95 (AU) with boxed sets available for great value.

Winston Manner Review |

The final verdict
It is nice to have a fashionable harness that looks good, feels good and fits well for Ref. My favourites are the Diggin Denim and Hipster designs as they are modern, hip and designs you won’t find anywhere other than at Winston Manner. The deal breaker for me is making sure that Ref is comfortable and that he can’t slip out of the harness, and these tick both of these off. They really are great designs that every dog will love.

Keep an eye out for some new textured designs coming to Winston Manner in December, just in time for Christmas.

Exclusive for The Pug Diary readers, you can receive 10% off your Winston Manner purchases using the code PUGLIFE at checkout.

***Disclaimer: Ref’s Diggin Denim box set was supplied courtesy of Winston Manner. The Pug Diary & Ref the Pug are an ambassador for Winston Manner. Purchases made using the PUGLIFE code when shopping on will provide a small payment to The Pug Diary which in turn helps with the running costs of bringing The Pug Diary to your screens. I thank you all in advance for any purchases you make using any of the affiliate links & codes within the website.

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