Why You Should Brush Your Pug Every Day

Why You Should Brush Your Pug Every Day | www.thepugdiary.com

It’s not always easy developing daily routines that will benefit the health of your pug. And there can be a lot to ensure that your pug stays fit and healthy, from exercise to diet and grooming. But every one of them is important. I am going to talk about grooming and more specifically why you should brush your pug every day.

Reduces the Amount of Excess Hair in the Home

We all know that pugs shed like there is no tomorrow. And we all want ways to reduce the amount of pug hair around the house. Brushing your pug’s coat on a daily basis is one of those ways. Just 5 minutes a day spent brushing out the excess fur means there will be less hair floating around the house. The best way is to stay on top of it.

Why You Should Brush Your Pug Every Day | www.thepugdiary.com

Promotes a Healthy & Shiny Coat

With daily brushing, you are removing the excess dead hair & debris from your pug which allows for a number of things. It allows the skin to be massaged and the healthy oils in your pug’s skin to come out. It allows for your pug’s skin to breathe better and for those new hairs to get fresh air. It allows the removal of any dry flaky skin that is preventing your pug’s natural oils to come to the surface. And with all of this occurring, you are then promoting the healthy oils to come through that allows your pug’s coat to be healthy and have a nice lovely shine.

Why You Should Brush Your Pug Every Day | www.thepugdiary.com

To Spend Quality Time with Your Pug

Whilst not every pug will like being brushed, it is essential that you praise them generously when they do so that they become content being brushed. Especially once they are content being brushed, this will become a great time to provide your undivided attention with just them. This is even more important for them if they are not the only animal in the house or if you have kids. Why not make what can be a boring task more enjoyable by it being quality one-on-one time with your pug.

Why You Should Brush Your Pug Every Day | www.thepugdiary.com

Allows You to Check for Abnormalities

By brushing your pug regularly, you will have a knowledge of what all of their body is like normally. You will then be able to recognise irregularities in their skin, fur and even differences below the skin such as any lumps, bumps, discolourations and even tumours. You’ll also be able to prevent matting in fur which in turn can prevent skin irritations. Brushing your pug regularly can really benefit their health by picking up abnormalities early.

Best Tools for Daily Brushing

There are so many tools on the market to help with grooming but there are a few that I think are the best to have in your grooming kit.

Deshedding Tool – a deshedding tool is designed to remove the undercoat of your pug and help remove excess hair. The Furminator is the most popular deshedding tool on the market but there are other options out there like this one from Essential Dog. The bristles on a deshedding tool are sharp and can irritate your pug’s skin if used excessively. You can choose to use the deshedding tool once a month for 15-20 minutes or 2-3 times a week for 3-5 minutes.

Why You Should Brush Your Pug Every Day | www.thepugdiary.com

Soft Brush – There are loads of soft brushes to use on a daily basis or on alternate days to using the deshedding tool. It is a matter of finding the the right one that your pug feels comfortable being brushed with. Our favourite is definitely the Zoom Groom as it not only removes hair but gently massages your pug’s skin at the same time.

Grooming Mit – This is a great alternative to a soft brush as the bristles are much shorter. And because it is a glove, your pug feels more like they are being patted rather than brushed. And it will be easier to get to those hard to reach spots than what a brush can be. There are some grooming mits on the market that are designed to catch all of the hairs you brush from your pug so it is easy to peel off and place in the bin making it a less messy option to brushing your pug.

Watch Wynstan & Doug being brushed using the Zoom Groom in this video.

Do you brush your pug every day? How do you find brushing your them? Do you or they have a favourite brush that you’d like to share with fellow pug parents? Leave a comment below sharing your brushing tips and tricks.

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