Travel Food Options for Raw Fed Pugs

When you have raw fed pugs, going on holiday needs some extra thought put into it. It’s not always possible to pack some raw food and take it with you. So what do you do in these situations? Let me share with you some travel food options for raw fed pugs.

We are heading out on a road trip for 12 days. I’ve got a car travel fridge to use whilst on the road but it can only hold so much food and to be honest, 12 days of raw food for 2 pugs just won’t fit it in. Besides, the car fridge isn’t just for the pugs, I have food needs too! I’ve really had to put some thought into what the pugs will eat whilst we are away. It needs to be easy, compact but still nutritious. For me, that automatically means I won’t feed kibble unless I have no other options. But I do have other options.

Travel Food Options for Raw Fed Pugs |

Air Dry Raw

My number one choice for a road trip for convenience but still nutritious is air dry raw. Here in Australia, there are a few air dry raw options on the market. What I like about air dry raw is that it is small and convenient just like kibble but without all of the unnecessary carbs, additives and processing. The process of air drying raw meat has been around forever and there are some pet food companies that use this process to make dog food. Air drying raw meat means no artificial preservatives, sugars or glycerine are needed to preserve the meat in a convenient form that has a long lasting shelf life. The other thing that makes air dry raw perfect for travel is that not only is it nutrient dense, it is made with at least 90% real meat. It may come in expensive, as in with it being on special it cost me $100 for 2kg, but because it is so nutrient dense, you don’t need to feed as much to make your pug full.

There are a few options for air dry raw on the Aussie market and some may be available worldwide.

Travel Food Options for Raw Fed Pugs |


My number 1 choice when it comes to air dry raw is ZiwiPeak. It is made from 96% real meat, seafood, organ and bone to create a complete and balanced, shelf stable for 21 months, convenient and nutritious food. It has a variety available that if your pug has protein issues, you’ll have options to offer them from mackerel & lamb, tripe & lamb to single meat source options such as lamb, beef, venison and chicken.

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Other Options

There are some other great air dry raw options available besides ZiwiPeak. A few brands that come to mind for air dry raw include Balanced Life, Absolute Holistic and Providore. All great options depending on what you are looking for specifically in an air dry food.

Travel Food Options for Raw Fed Pugs |

Freeze Dried Raw

Freeze dried raw is another brilliant travel food option for raw fed pugs because of its convenience. Freeze dried raw uses a different method to preserve raw meat. It removes all moisture from the food whilst still keeping the food frozen which ensures all the liquid is removed from the food without it moving from its raw state. Because of the process of removing liquid without the use of heat, freeze dried raw remains equivalent to feeding raw meat. Since the moisture has been removed, it is recommended that you add moisture back in before serving. So depending on your facilities when travelling, freeze dried is another great option. It is shelf stable, convenient and nutritious!

K9 Natural

There are a few freeze dried raw options out there but my number 1 choice would be K9 Natural. This is because I have actually used it and even currently use it as a topper with raw food. I know it is a complete and balanced to AFFCO standards food that is convenient, nutritious and very smelly meaning your pug will love it. There are some great flavour options from Hoki & Beef and Lamb & Salmon to Beef, Lamb and Chicken. I also love their toppers of lamb or beef green tripe as well as their treat options of green lipped mussels and beef, lamb or chicken bites. K9 Natural is made from 90% meat, organ and bone, 5% green lipped mussel & egg, 5% fruit, vegetable, vitamins, minerals & oils and 0% grain, GMO, dairy, gluten, rice, potato or fillers.

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Travel Food Options for Raw Fed Pugs |

Other Options

There are some other options for freeze dried raw that I haven’t tried. The main one would be Frontier Pets which is made in Australia using free range and ethically farmed meat. They also have some great options for treats.

What I Chose and Why

When it comes to travel food options for raw fed pugs, you need to make your decision based on each situation. Our previous holidays have allowed us to pack and take raw food with us but a 12 day road trip to outback Australia doesn’t allow that. I’ve chosen to go with ZiwiPeak air dry raw over K9 Natural freeze dried raw purely because I don’t need to add water to it. ZiwiPeak is ready to feed as is so if I need to feed the pugs whilst out and about, I can just scoop from the bag and done. No soaking and waiting for the freeze dried raw to be ready which is typically fine in most cases. I bought two 1kg bags of ZiwiPeak Beef and whilst I’m pretty sure I’ll only go through one bag whilst travelling, I will be introducing it before we go away to make sure the pugs tummies adjust fine to it. I’ll be adding small amounts to their raw before we go and when we come back to make sure there are no digestive upsets. To help keep fresh food in the diet whilst travelling, I will be including some extras along the way. Since I’ll have the car fridge, I’ll be able to pack a bottle of our homemade goats milk kefir to add at dinner time. I was considering packing some bone broth too but since it only has a fridge life of up to 1 week, I will look into perhaps some dehydrated bone broth that I can just add some water to for those meals that aren’t being fed whilst out and about, like breakfast. I’ll also be packing some canned sardines and salmon to add in throughout the time and possible even some quail eggs because they are small to store. I’ll have some dehydrated treats on hand as well as chews to make up for the fact they won’t have their raw meaty bones to clean their teeth. And of course, I’ll be sure to bring their Antinol.

Road trips with your raw fed pug is easy with amazing options available. Have you been on long raid trips with your raw fed pugs? What were your favourite travel food options? I’d love to hear your stories or suggestions of air dry raw or freeze dried raw brands around the world.

Travel Food Options for Raw Fed Pugs |

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