Top 5 Pug Safety Tips for the Holidays

Top 5 Pug Safety Tips for the Holidays |

The holiday season is a fun and festive time for all of us including our pugs but there are many dangers to your pug during this time. And we don’t want any unexpected trips to the emergency vet during the holidays. Check out these top 5 pug safety tips for the holidays that will not only keep your pug happy and healthy but your wallet full and your holidays enjoyable.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Pug Friendly

The Christmas Tree is the star of your home. But ensuring that your pug cannot be harmed whilst it is up is important. The lower branches of your Christmas tree are at a perfect height for poking and scratching bulging pug eyes. You may want to consider removing branches that could do damage to your pug’s eyes or buying a tree that has branches that are not close to the ground. Alternatively, you could raise your tree by placing it on a table or blocking it off with a playpen.

Top 5 Pug Safety Tips for the Holidays |

Ensure Your Pug Can’t Get to Decorations

Decorations can be a choking hazard for your playful and inquisitive pug. Ensuring that decorations are out of your pugs reach is important. They may find the shiny ball as a fun new toy that could break easily in their mouth and cause lots of damage. They may also hurt themselves trying to get to that shiny ball when you’re not home. Tinsel is another decoration that is hazardous to your pug. Whilst it may seem harmless, if your pug chews on tinsel and swallows it, it could cause a blockage in their digestive system,. Keeping the decorations out of your pugs way, especially when putting the Christmas tree up, is very important.

Top 5 Pug Safety Tips for the Holidays |

Keep Toxic Christmas Plants out of Harms Way

Do you like to have fresh Christmas plants around the home like holly, mistletoe or poinsettia? Do you have a freshly cut Christmas tree? If you do, be sure there is no chance of your pug getting to them or their fallen leaves. These plants are toxic and if your pug ingests them, they can cause intense vomiting, diarrhoea and breathing difficulties. And in more severe cases, ingesting mistletoe can lead to death. The pine needles of fresh Christmas trees can cause oral irritation as well as lethargy, trembling and weakness. Ensure that if you have any of these fresh plants, your pug can not get to them or their fallen leaves. And if they do, head straight to the vet for appropriate treatment.

Top 5 Pug Safety Tips for the Holidays |

Don’t Feed Your Pug Any of these Foods

The holiday season is always filled with delicious treats but so many of these delicious treats for humans are dangerous and even deadly for your pug. Not only do you need to make sure you don’t give your pug toxic foods, be sure to keep a close eye on any kids and that they don’t feed your pug or drop food near them. If your pug ingests any of toxic foods, be sure to call your vet to find out if and when you should take your pug in to the vet. Be sure to never feed any of these foods to your pug:

  • Chocolate – the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is
  • Fat trimmings & food – anything highly fatty like fat cut off meat or bacon may cause pancreatitis
  • Cooked bones – cooked bones can easily splinter and cause an obstruction or laceration in your pug’s digestive system
  • Grapes, Raisins & Currants – all are harmful when eaten in even small amounts
  • Xylitol – a common substitute for sugar, this sweetener can cause vomiting, weakness & seizures
  • Alcohol – any alcoholic drink is toxic to your pug and should be kept out of your pugs reach
  • Pits & Seeds of apples, peaches, cherries, & apricots – the flesh of these fruits re safe but the seeds & pits are not so make sure your pug doesn’t get hold of the whole fruit
  • Onion – the smell of onion may be enough to deter your pug from eating it but if not, be sure they don’t ingest it as onion can make them ill
  • Macadamia & Most Nuts – Most nuts are unsafe for your pug. Peanuts are ok but in small quantities as it is high in fat and too much can cause pancreatitis
Top 5 Pug Safety Tips for the Holidays |
Don’t Put the Presents Under the Tree

Whilst it is enjoyable to see all the presents sitting under and around the Christmas tree, it is just another temptation for your inquisitive pug. They may want to explore the new items and rip into those presents. And whilst this may be an inconvenience for you to re-wrap presents or even replace some, it can be much more harmful to your pug. There may be toxic items within the gifts like make up or small choking items that can be found in toys. Being unsupervised with wrapped presents could be very dangerous for your pug so leave putting presents under the tree until the night before opening them or block them off with a playpen to ensure they cannot get to them. Better safe than sorry.

Whilst you enjoy your holiday season, to make it the most enjoyable one yet be sure to keep your pug safe with these 5 pug safety tips for the holidays. You will have a much more enjoyable time knowing your pug is enjoying the holidays in a safe environment.

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