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I am stoked to bring to you yet another gorgeous social pug profile and this week it is of the bow tie wearing Tofu. Tofu is a gorgeous boy from Perth, Western Australia. He is one very spoilt pug who often gets to hang out with Homer and all his other squishy face crew at the local cafe or park. He is one extremely loved pug with a mumma who has him etched on her forever. To learn more about this awesome little dude, read his interview below.

Tofu |


Name: Tofu. (AKA Fu Man, Fufu, Tofufu or Foofa)

Age: 1 year and a bit.

Birth date or Gotcha Date: Born January 31st 2014. I’m an Aquarius.

Where do you live? Perth in Western Australia.

What is your favourite time of the day? It’s a close tie between breakfast time and when Mum gets home from work.

Tofu |

What is your favourite food? On cheat day I like to treat myself with a pupcake from the pet café. I also looove carrot sticks!

Do you have a toy that you can’t live without? Yes! A Christmas Teddy that I named Mac, after my puggy girlfriend Macintosh. She is a toy that I don’t play with though. I carry her around at bedtime and snuggle with her while I sleep.

What do you hate the most? Having my ears cleaned. YUCK! I behave myself, but I give Mum the stink eye the whole time so that she knows how unimpressed I am!

Tofu |

What do you love the most? People! All people. I love meeting new people and saying hello to everyone who goes by.

Do you have any bad habits? Pulling toilet rolls off the holder. I don’t see the problem, but Mum and Dad seem to think it’s bad. And I also like to go into the shower after Mum has washed her hair and pull the hair out of the drain. It’s all fun and games until I poo it out and am having my bum flossed with hair!!

What do you think is your best quality? Hmm… I think I have 2. One is definitely my quirky personality. Mum and Dad say that everyone who meets me loves me and I can make anybody smile. And the second would be my willingness to help others. My popularity on Instagram has made it possible for me to help spread awareness for numerous charities and organisations. With Mum and Dads help, I try to donate as much as I can, spread awareness for charity events and share accounts of those in need of our help just to help spread the word. It’s really important to me to help other animals and people.

Tofu |

What does a typical day look like for you?

  • I wake up really early with Mum and Dad and have breakfast with them at around 4:30am.
  • Then I play with my toys.
  • Then I pretty much just sleep until Dad gets home from the gym or Mum gets back from work.
  • Mum and I take photos most days which is always awesome because it means lots of playing, praise and treats (as soon as I see the camera come out, I’m already looking for a place to go sit and pose).
  • After photos I usually sleep or go outside and play with Dad till dinner time.
  • Then I carry Mac ted around until bedtime.

In short, eating, playing and sleeping is my life.

You wear a lot of bow ties in your photos… How do you manage to pay for your large range of bow ties? With ALOT of help from my hard working slaves. Oops!.. I mean my amazing loving human parents.

Tofu |

Do you have a favourite bow tie? I have too many favourites! One is my purple one with black moustaches. I also love my one with the little rainbow squares. My camo one is pretty cool. Oh, and the silver sequin one that lights up, that’s awesome too! I really can’t decide haha.

Do you have a favourite bow tie supplier to feed your bow tie addiction? I go to for all of my bowtie needs. I actually go there for most of my cool accessories, toys and harnesses too!

Do you have any tips for other pugs who wish to look dapper and become InstaFamous? I definitely recommend bow ties to add that dash of dapper. But I think the real key to InstaFame is definitely just to be yourself. Find your “thing”, your “quirk”, the thing that makes you YOU and makes you unique. For me it’s my bow ties. I am rarely seen without one. It has become my trademark look. Maybe for another pooch, it might be their awesome tricks, or agility, or even something that may seem like a fault such as only having one eye or having 3 legs instead of 4. All pets are amazing and we should show off what we have (or don’t have) and show everyone how we shine no matter how we look.

Where can we follow your daily adventures? You can see me loving life and modelling my awesome collection of bow ties on Instagram at @tofu_pug.

Tofu |

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