The Benefits of Pugs in the Workplace

Photos by Lauren Shaw

The Benefits of Pugs in the Workplace |

If you have the opportunity to take your dog to work, you’ll know first hand the benefits of pugs in the workplace. But for those who haven’t experienced having a pug in the office, let me share with you the joys of being able to do so.

Pugs in the Workplace Reduces Stress Levels

We know first hand coming home to your pug makes a world of difference to our mood after a rough day at work. All that stress is relieved just by seeing them. The same goes for having pugs in the workplace. They reduce stress levels by reminding us to take regular breaks from projects & tasks that require long periods of focus. Regular breaks help reduce stress levels especially when there is a wiggly butt and a happy smile to greet that break.

The Benefits of Pugs in the Workplace |

Pugs in the Workplace Increase Productivity

The same way in which pugs help releive stress, they help to increase productivity. Regular breaks from tiring tasks keeps the mind fresh and allows you to focus on the task at hand. Some distractions are good distractions if it means the time you are focusing on your tasks is more productive.

Pugs in the Workplace Improves Morale

When you have pugs in the workplace that reduce stress levels and increase productivity at the same time, office morale will improve too. A happy Workplace also leads to better communication between colleagues and what better ice breaker than an adorable pug. Building relationships because of a common interest in a pug helps create a work environment that everyone wants to be in.

The Benefits of Pugs in the Workplace |

A 5 minute break to have pats and cuddles with a pug whilst at work can be the best thing for you and your colleagues. The benefits of pugs in the workplace are great when it comes to stress relief, increased productivity and overall moral. If you have the opportunity to have your pug in the office, even if it’s just for Take Your Dog to Work Day, take the chance and show your boss just how beneficial it is.

The Benefits of Pugs in the Workplace |

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