The A to Z of Pugs

What better way to get to know what pugs are like than to have a guide to them in one single place. To get you started with a quick guide, here is an A to Z of pugs.

A is for Anal Glands
It is common for pugs to need to have their anal glands expressed regularly due to a fluid build up in the glands and not being able to naturally do it themselves.

The A to Z of Pugs |

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Source: Kristy Beck / The Pug Diary

B is for Brachycephalic
Brachycephalic means a short snout and can lead to serious breathing problems. Read more here.

C is for Car Rides
Pugs love love love to go for car rides. So jump in the car and take them on adventures.

D is for Diet
Pugs will eat everything and anything so you need to be very strict with their diet so they don’t become overweight and add to any breathing problems that are common in pugs.

E is for Excessive Licking
Pugs love to lick. They will lick you, the floor, the furniture and anything else. Be aware that licking of paws and other parts of the skin can mean they have some sort of skin allergy.

F is for Fun
Pugs are bound to bring a lot of fun to your life. You can guarantee that they will make you smile everyday and you’ll take them on lots of fun adventures too.

The A to Z of Pugs |

Source: Kristy Beck / The Pug Diary


G is for Grooming
Since pugs shed endlessly, regular grooming is required from baths every 3-4 weeks, brushing with a soft brush daily and the use of a de-shedding tool once a month.

H is for Heat
You need to keep a close eye on your pug in hot weather as they will overheat and with their short nose, their breathing can become strained. Learn ways to keep pugs cool in summer with these tips.

I is for Insurance
Insurance is worth getting from the time you get your pug to help pay with vet bills as they can add up quickly as pugs can have a number of health problems.

J is for Jumping
Pugs love to jump at people to gain their attention. Whilst it is cute, it can create some bad habits. But with time, patience and lots of training, you can have a pug who won’t jump.

K is for Kindness
The kindness from a pug will always outweigh any of the downsides of owning one. And that kindness will follow through to their pug parents. The pug community is filled with kindness.

L is for Life Span
The average life span of a pug is 12 to 15 years though they can live much longer too. With regular health checks and a good diet, your pug can live a long happy life.

The A to Z of Pugs |

Source: Kristy Beck / The Pug Diary

M is for Moulting
It is no secret that pugs moult there like is no tomorrow. If having hair around the house bothers you, a pug isn’t for you. Check out these 3 tips for minimising pug hair around the house.

N is for Nail Clipping
Keep a pug’s nails clipped is essential but it can be quite difficult to do so. Learning the best technique to clip nails will make it easier. Regular visits to a groomer or a vet for nail clipping may even be a better option.

O is for Obesity
Obesity is a common health problem with pugs. Following a strict diet of 2-3% of their body weight in food per day will help to manage your pugs weight which will lead to a longer healthier life.

P is for Parasites
Parasites such as worms, fleas and ticks can cause problems. Be sure to take the upmost care in choosing the right parasite control product whether it be a tablet, a pipett or a natural product to ensure your pug is protected.

Q is for Quiet
When a pug is quiet it usually means they are up to no good and you will need to go find out what mischief they are getting up to.

The A to Z of Pugs |

Source: Kristy Beck / The Pug Diary

R is for Rescue
Because pugs can be a difficult breed for some people to care for or are used for illegal & unethical breeding, a lot of pugs don’t get the best start to life. There are many great rescue groups that dedicated to giving pugs the life they deserve. Consider rescuing a pug in need when you want to add one to your family.

S is for Stubbornness
Pugs are one of the most stubborn breeds. Whilst they are very smart, it does take a lot of patience from you to train your pug due to their stubbornness.

T is for Teeth
Due to their small mouth and the 42 teeth they have, their teeth are crammed into a smaller space and require even more care than most dogs. Poor dental hygiene can lead to further health problems so care is a priority. For some dental hygiene tips, check out this post.

U is for Ulcers
Pugs are prone to eye ulcers caused by a number of factors including scratches to their bulging eyes. Be sure to keep a close watch on their eyes and seek veterinary advice at any sign of an eye problem.

V is for Vet Bills
Vet bills can add up quickly due to health problems that are common with pugs.

W is for Wrinkles
Pugs are known for their wrinkly face and their folds need to be cleaned daily to avoid infection.

The A to Z of Pugs |

Image: Robopug by Sophie Malledent*

X is for X-ray
An x-ray of a pug will show the detail of the structure of the breed and in particular how short their skull is.

Y is for Young
They don’t stay young for long. By the time they are 7 years old, they are a senior. And seniors require more attention and care.

Z is for Zoomies
Whilst most people think pugs are lazy, they are in fact quite an active dog and will frequently break out in zoomies. Zoomies can be described as a pug running around in circles at crazy speeds for a dog that is thought to be lazy.

Is there anything you would add to this A to Z of Pugs guide? Be sure to leave a comment below so everyone can learn even more about the wonderful breed that a pug is.

*Image credit to Sophie Malledent

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