How to Stop Your Pug Eating Fast

How to Stop Your Pug Eating Fast |

Do you find yourself wondering how your pug ate their food in 5 seconds flat? I have always been amazed at how fast Ref would eat his food. Even at dinner time when he would get his bowl of food, a whole carrot and a roo tendon and would still finish well before us humans do. I had researched ways on how to stop your pug eating fast but had never actually taken action until now. And boy I wish I had done this years ago. And I am now going to share with you how to stop your pug eating fast.

Use a Slow Feeder at Meal Time

A slow feeder will definitely stop your pug eating fast. I purchased a slow feeder for Ref and it is now taking him 2 to 3 times longer to eat his meals from this bowl. By having the move their mouth around the bowl more, they are breathing more and taking longer to eat which is great for stopping choking too. There are so many great options for both raw feeders and kibble feeders and here are some:

  • Buy a slow feeder that either has nodules in the bowl or looks like a maze
  • Use a tennis ball in their bowl which will move around as they eat their food and will slow them down
  • Use a muffin tin to portion out their meal so they have to breathe between each mouthful
  • Use a savarin mould to put food in so they have to move around the dish to get the food
How to Stop Your Pug Eating Fast |
Use an Interactive Puzzle or Treat Dispensing Toy

An interactive toy whether it be a puzzle or a ball that treats come out of is not only a good way to make your pug work for their food, it is also a fantastic enrichment activity for them too. For kibble feeders, putting the kibble into a puzzle or other toy, it will turn meal time into a fun game of working for their food. I love using the Kong Wobbler or treat ball filled with healthy treats like carrot after Ref has his meal or when we are heading out to keep him occupied. The Kong Classic is great for filling with wet food and throwing in the freezer for a fun and refreshing meal or activity during summer. Here are some great options readily available from all good pet stores or make one yourself:

  • Kong Wobbler
  • Treat dispensing ball
  • Kong Classic
  • Interactive puzzle
  • Make your own interactive puzzle with a muffin tin and tennis balls
How to Stop Your Pug Eating Fast |
Turn Meal Time into a Food Hunt

There is nothing more natural for a dog than having to hunt for their food. And whilst they are used the luxury life we provide them, hunting for their food is not only a great way to stop your pug eating fast but it is great physical and mental exercise for them. There are plenty of ways you can turn meal time into a food hunt whether you are a raw or kibble feeder. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use several small bowls to portion out your pugs food and scatter them through out the house
  • Buy or make a snuffle mat that will require your pug to hunt for their food through a mat full of lengthy fabric
  • Scatter your pugs meal throughout the room you feed them in or throughout the house or yard so they have to search for their entire meal

How to Stop Your Pug Eating Fast |

With so many great ideas on how to stop your pug eating fast, there are bound to be one or more ideas that you can use with your pug from cheap to dearer options at the pet store and some great DIY ideas too. Mix it up between meal times with the activities you choose to keep your pug stimulated and enjoying their meal time at a reasonable pace. And even change some meal times to be as you leave the door for work in the morning and fill their interactive toy with their brekkie to keep them occupied. What are you doing to stop your pug eating fast? Share your favourite ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Avatar hugosadventures on July 12, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    I always wondered whether a pug could use a slow feeder bowl but thanks to your advice earlier we’re going to try one! I love the muffin tin idea too! love & pug hugs xo

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