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Sydney's Social Pug Profile |

It is that time again where you get to know a pug from the social media scene in our popular Social Pug Profile series. This week it is the adorable Sydney!

Name: Sydney

Age: 14 months

Birth Date or Gotcha Date: December 24th 2017

Where do you live? New York

Sydney's Social Pug Profile |

What is your favourite time of the day?
Morning! I cant wait for my first meal of the day! After breakfast I have half of a carrot and then take a morning nappy and dream about lunch.

What is your favourite food?
Chicken for sure but my frozen banana after dinner treat is a close second!

Do you have a toy that you can’t live without?
I have lots of toys but my favourites are crinkle cow and Rudolph!

Sydney's Social Pug Profile |

What do you hate the most?
RAIN! I do not like to get my paws wet!

What do you love the most?
My Mom ❤️ I follow her everywhere. I also love big bones!

Do you have any bad habits?
I bark my head off for treats! My parents want to keep me healthy but sometimes I bark so much and so loud they just have to give in.

Sydney's Social Pug Profile |

What do you think is your best quality?
I am very very cute!

What does a typical day look like for you?
I wake up around 5 – potty, breakfast, snack, nap, potty, snack, follow Mommy around, lunch, potty, snack, follow Mommy, nap, potty, snack, nap, dinner, potty, snack, nap, follow mommy, potty, snuggle, licky face………sleep 😊

What is your favourite adventure you have been on so far?
We have a house on Cape Cod, Ma and I love to spend time there walking on our sand road and visiting the beach.

Sydney's Social Pug Profile |

What do you love most about having an Instagram account?
I love to see all the cute pugs around the world and watch their adventures. We are all so similar!

Where can we follow your daily adventures?
@sydneypuggirl on Instagram

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Sydney in this Social Pug Profile interview and be sure to leave a pug love note for them in the comments below.


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Sydney's Social Pug Profile |

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