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Serina's Social Pug Profile |

This week’s newest Social Pug Profile star is my very own little lady, Serina. Serina came into our lives in September 2016 and has brought so much joy to our home. Now it is time for you to get to know my little girl.

Name: Serina

Age: The vet thought I was about 7 years old but if my paperwork is correct, I am only 5 years old.

Birth date or Gotcha Date: According to my paperwork, I was born on 8th July 2011 but Ma decided that my Gotcha Day is so much more important cause that’s when my real life started. So my Gotcha Day is 16th September 2016.

Serina's Social Pug Profile |

Where do you live? I live in the nicest little home with a big backyard in a suburb South West of Sydney, Australia.

What is your favourite time of the day?
I have 4 favourite times of the day. The first is breakfast. I gotta wake Ma up early for brekkie though most days she says it’s too early. My next favourite time of day is when Ma gets home from work. I carry on like a pork chop when Ma pulls in the driveway until she walks in the door and gives me pats. Then my next favourite time of day is dinner time. I sit in the kitchen from the time Ma gets home until dinner hits my belly. And then my last favourite time of day is bedtime cause I love to sleep in the big bed with Ma and Ref.

What is your favourite food?
I love most foods but I really love sardine night which happens 2 nights a week. But I also love bone night cause duck feet are very yummy and luckily bone night is 5 nights a week.

Serina's Social Pug Profile |

Do you have a toy that you can’t live without?
No. I don’t play with toys. Sometimes I go into the toy corner in the lounge room and look at them but I’m not really sure what to do with them. And since Ref doesn’t like playing with toys either, we decided to clear out a lot of the toys and donate them to our favourite pug rescue, Pugs SOS.

What do you hate the most?
Sudden and unexpected noises. And sometimes I hate when Ma sneezes. It startles me. Oh and I really don’t like Ref’s herb blend he gets at dinner and blueberries. I will only eat blueberries frozen in greek yoghurt.

What do you love the most?
That’s super easy. Ma. I love Ma so much cause she gave me a safe and happy home. Oh and she feeds me the best food and takes me out with Ref. I love going on adventures with Ma and Ref.

Serina's Social Pug Profile |

Do you have any bad habits?
Well I don’t think I do but Ma says I have a few. Apparently I am very impatient. When Ma is taking Ref and I out, she puts Ref’s harness and lead on first then mine but I start pulling at Ref’s lead if we don’t leave immediately. I also jump off the bed instead of waiting for mum to put me on the floor. Ma gets annoyed cause I have hip dysplasia and could hurt myself but I think I’m ok to do it. I feel like a super pug on my Turmericle Powder.

What do you think is your best quality?
I am a very loving girl. I love my brother Ref and will often sook at night until he comes to bed. I love my Nan and Grandad too. And of course I love my Ma. She is the best human I could ask for. Ma says she also loves my cheekiness.

Serina's Social Pug Profile |

What does a typical day look like for you?
I start my day by waking Ma up around 6:20am. I usually put my face right in front of her face and either grunt at her or give her kisses. Some days I have to climb over Reffy to get to Ma and I’m not very gentle in doing it. Ma then usually makes me stay in bed until she is ready to get up. Ma takes me outside to go to the toilet before I can have breakfast. I have my brekkie whilst Ma is in the shower and some days I’ll scratch at the bathroom door cause she is taking too long. I wait for Ma to finish getting ready for work. Ma prepares her food for work and I wait for my bit of strawberry. Some days Ma gives Ref and I some cheese too.

Once Ma goes to work, I hang out at home with Ref and Grandad. I spend my time on the lounge or one of the many doggy beds in the house. I will get up and let Grandad know when I need to go to the toilet which usually means when I really just want to go outside for a sun bake. Nan gets home from work and usually takes me outside and then it isn’t too long til Ma gets home. If Nan hasn’t taken me outside, Ma does then it is time to sit in the kitchen until dinner is served. Most nights, Grandad gets his dinner before anyone else so Ref and I go and watch him eat in hopes of getting something from him. Then before I know it, my dinner is hitting my belly. It is so delicious that I scoff it even with a special slow feeder bowl. At some point during the day, I like to have a roll around in the grass out in the backyard. There’s loads of grass for me to roll around in.

My day is finished off by snoozing on the lounge or in the bed in the lounge room until Ma is ready to go to bed. I will get up and follow her any time she moves. Once it is bed time, Ma takes Ref and I out to the toilet. Then we go to bed. Before I get myself comfy, I will either dig at the blankets or roll around on the bed then I’ll go to sleep. I will wake up if Ma wakes up during the night and will go with her to the toilet, even though I don’t need to go myself. I just gotta be with Ma at all times.

Our weekends are different all of the time. Sometimes Ma takes us to pug meets or to a friends place. Other times Ref and I stay home whilst Ma does some shopping. And other times we are lucky to have Ma home all weekend. We will help take photos for the blog and make sure she gets all of her work done. We are both good company for Ma whilst she works on the blog.

Serina's Social Pug Profile |

What is your favourite thing about your forever home?
It definitely has to be that it is safe, happy and I’m very loved. When I first came to my new home, I was very scared and anxious. I went from a horrible home to a wonderful foster home and then came here. But even though I was scared and anxious (I was on anxiety meds when I was rescued), Ma made sure I felt very safe in my new home. She let me pick a safe place in the house which was her bedroom. Even though she used to keep her bedroom door closed before I came, she left it open so I could be in my safe place. I spent the first week hiding in Ma’s bedroom. My first night, I kept waking and barking at all of the new sounds but Ma just kept telling me it was ok. By the second night, I let Ma pick me up to sleep with her and Reffy. Then I started to sleep better. I felt safer sleeping on the bed with Ma and Reffy. Everything Ma did was to make me feel safe. And because I have a safe home, I became happy and no longer needed the anxiety meds. And that is also because Ma loves me so much.

Serina's Social Pug Profile |

What is your favourite thing about your brother Ref?
I was bit unsure of having a brother at first and Ref was unsure of having me around too. But he let me use his bed in the lounge room, he let me share the big bed with him and Ma. He understood that I needed some extra TLC from Ma so he let me have it even though he was getting less attention that he would normally get. One of his favourite places to sleep at night is next to Ma on the pillow but I also like to sleep on the pillow. So if I am on the pillow and he wants to sleep on the pillow, he will just sleep somewhere else and let me sleep there. And if he is on the pillow and I want to sleep on the pillow, he will move so I can have it. He is a very caring brother and I love him for it.

Where can we follow your daily adventures?
I don’t have my own social media cause Ma has too many accounts to look after already so I just hijack my brother’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram our handle is @refthepug and it is also @refthepug on Twitter. And you can search Ref the Pug on Facebook and you’ll find me too. Oh and of course, you will see me pop up on anything related to The Pug Diary.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know my little girl, Serina in this Social Pug Profile interview and be sure to leave a pug love note for her in the comments below.

Serina's Social Pug Profile |

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