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Pugtender Rocco's Social Pug Profile |

It is that time again where you get to know a pug from the social media scene in our popular  Social Pug Profile series. This week it is Pugtender, Rocco. Get to know Rocco in his interview.

Name: Rocco

Age: 13, but I don’t know for sure since my original family gave me up but it was a blessing in disguise because I’m right where I belong! and was adopted by my parents who I love to pieces because they spoil me rotten.

Gotcha Date: August 31, 2008

Pugtender Rocco's Social Pug Profile |

Where do you live?
I live in Austin, Texas with my parents and my pug brother Weldon. I love this city and all the dog/pet friendly establishments.

What is your favorite time of day?
My favorite time of day is when my parents get home from work. I sing them a song each time they arrive and then I follow it by making them a cocktail 🙂

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is peanut butter. I’m addicted!

Pugtender Rocco's Social Pug Profile |

Do you have a toy you can’t live without?
I don’t have a favorite toy but I have a lot of favorite rib bones that I hide and won’t let my parents throw away and I have a secret addiction to ear plugs. My mom has to quick in the mornings otherwise I’ll make a go for them while they’re still in her ears 🙂

What do you hate the most?
I really really really hate afternoon walks. I refuse to go, I’ll throw myself on the ground so that I don’t have to go. My veterinarian checked me out because my mom thought maybe it was painful for me to walk but he cleared me and the truth is I just like to chill in the house and if I need to go potty I’d rather use to doggy door and do it in the privacy of my own yard. I mean seriously! How crazy is it that my mom wants me to go potty in public?!

Pugtender Rocco's Social Pug Profile |

What do you love the most?
While I absolutely love running errands with my parents and socializing my heart belongs to peanut butter. I think it’s getting serious 🙂

Do you have any bad habits?
My mom thinks that eating her ear plugs and fetching them from her ears when she’s asleep and not expecting is a bad habit.

What do you think is your best quality?
I think my best quality is that I’m helpful, like when I try and help my mom take her ear plugs out of her ears or help her clean up when Weldon throws up. But my mom disagrees and says my best quality is how happy go lucky and at ease I am in any situation.

Pugtender Rocco's Social Pug Profile |

What does a typical day look like for you?
This is what a typical day is like for me… Wake up. Go for my morning walk. Eat. Nap. Go potty. Sleep. Sleep some more. Bark at the neighbors dog. Sleep. Dinner. Make a drink. Have my picture taken. Sleep some more.

I love that you are a pugtender. What inspired you to become a pugtender?
It started as one of my mom’s hobbies and I took it over when I realized I would get tipped in treats and peanut butter for each drink.

Pugtender Rocco's Social Pug Profile |

What had been your favorite drink to create and share as a pugtender?
I like to make anything with Gin. Because it’s my mom’s favorite and it means more treats for me! Pro tip: after a few drinks the humans loose count of the treats and sometimes you give peanut butter by the spoonfuls 🙂

Where can we follow your daily adventures?
You can follow my adventures a @roccothepug on Instagram

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Rocco in this Social Pug Profile interview and be sure to leave a pug love note for him in the comments below.

Pugtender Rocco's Social Pug Profile |

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  1. Avatar beachbummom on November 30, 2016 at 12:57 am

    what a super cool pug! so fun to read about Rocco!

  2. Avatar Karla Henderson on November 30, 2016 at 5:15 am

    Thank you for sharing Rocco’s diary, he’s my favorite pugster.

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