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It is that time again where you get to know a pug from the social media scene in our popular  Social Pug Profile series. This week it is the handsome Phineas Pug and his Winsome. Get to know this duo in their interview.

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

Name: PhineasPUG & Lady Winsome (aka Winks)

Age: 3 years (but closer to 4) & 5 months

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

Birth date: 9 February 2014 & 14 August 2017

Where do you live?
Australia’s National Capital. NO! Not Sydney….its CANBERRA!

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

What is your favourite food?
Well, I am really fussy about what I put into my temple, as are you Ref and Serina. Like your Mum, my humans have always prepared our meals from all natural fresh ingredients and our bowls are processed food free!  I love chicken, kangaroo, butternut pumpkin, broccoli & now fresh crocodile steaks!  Winks is much less discriminating and eats anything ….. including bananas ….she has a lot to learn…..but if she is going to turn down kangaroo for banana, her loss is my gain 🙂   p,s, Did you know that the Pug Breed standard ideal size is 14-18 Pounds?

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

Do you have a toy that you can’t live without?
Our human companions ;)!

What do you hate the most?
Hate? i am not sure I know this word …. can you put some context around it please?

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

What do you love the most?
New adventures!

Do you have any bad habits?
(awkward cough) Nope, none what-so-ever – I have impeccable manners, Winks, on the other hand ….

What do you think is your best quality?
I am the smile maker. Winks is the joy creator.  Interestingly, Serina did you know that in old english Wyn-sum means Joy-Some? … Some joy! I love it, fits like a glove…

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

What does a typical day look like for you?
It is rare for two days to look alike, however they generally consist of eating, walking, agility training, meeting new people & hanging with friends, sleeping, going for drives

What is your favourite adventure you have been on so far?
Kristy, so you really got me thinking …….. was it surfing, pony riding, taking part in Rutherglen’s tweed ride, being the King of France and meeting Marie Antoinette,  window surfing with the breeze in my ear, train trips into Melbourne’s bustling CBD, tail-tag on the beach, exploring the Berra, mornings spent at the dog park, racing in Canberra’s annual pug race?  … and then it struck me – it was the greatest adventure of them all …… True Love!   A fun adventure some of you might like to take is to research your Pug family tree. There are various Pedigree databases out there and its amazing how far back you can go. Im back to 1904 at the moment and will keep digging deeper:))

What do you love most about having an Instagram account? 
The curious, courageous and creative characters that abound!   – In fact, just the other day Winks and I found ourselves in the most terrifying of situations – held hostage by a giant koala! – I was so touched by how my fabulous ‘insta’ friends from all over the world rallied around and saved our lives!

What do you love most about having a sibling?
In actual fact I’ll have to correct you there.  Winks is my G.F and definitely not available … sorry Ref.  . I was a bit worried when she moved in that I’d have halve all that is good, but it turns out, it just gets doubled … I even get rewarded for her good behaviour!

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

What is life like living in Australia’s capital city?
Hiding in plain sight, Canberra recently featured in Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2018” list, ranking third in the worlds Top 10 Cities, the highest ranking for an Australian city ever!   It is a wonderful place with easily accessible adventures and pug perfect seasons …….. Ref having visited, I know you understand what I am saying 🙂

Phineas, you are a unique pug with one ear standing up like a Frenchie. Tell us the story of how became so unique.
Fabulous question Kristy. I remember the day clearly – I awoke on a warm, humid summer’s morn  and felt in my bones that I needed a point-of-difference …. and the rest is history … perfectly imperfect.  Well actually thats not quite it 🙂  Its called a fly ear, and the reason you don’t normally see it is that breeders/owners normally “train” the ear to stay down!!!! You can google that!.  As a young pup I was viciously attacked and almost disembowelled at the time my ear flew so my humans thankfully let me be:)

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

Where can we follow your daily adventures?
Jump onto  Instagram @phineasPUG (sometimes, if I am feeling generous, you’ll catch Winks too)

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Phineas & Winsome in this Social Pug Profile interview and be sure to leave a pug love note for them in the comments below.

Phineas + Winsome's Social Pug Profile |

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