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Grace, Henry + Crosby's Social Pug Profile |

It is that time again where you get to know a pug from the social media scene in our popular  Social Pug Profile series. This week it is awesome trio of Texas Pug Life, Grace, Henry & Crosby.

Grace: Grace, but my full name is Caroline Grace! Everybody knows a Southern U.S. girl needs a Southern name. As any Southern girl, I’m sassy and a diva, so I’m also called Queen Diva!
My Dads were thankful for me coming into their lives, which is why I was named Grace.
Henry: Henry but my dads also call me Bubba! Sometimes they call me a little demon monster but I’m not sure why!? I was named Henry because my dads like classic names, and I’m a classic pug
Crosby: Crosby, but my dads call me “Mr. Man” a lot. My name from my Rescue Organization was Chance, so Dads wanted to keep my name with a C…. and they love Bing Crosby.

Grace: I’m 9 Years Old! I may be shorter and my face is greying, but I have a lot of life!
Henry: I’m 5 Years Old! I’m such a tall pug and I love to stand proud!
Crosby: I’m 9 Years Old! My Black fur now sparkles with sweet grey hairs! Dads say each grey hair is a moment of love.

Grace, Henry + Crosby's Social Pug Profile |

Birthdays/Gotcha Date:
Our Dads are big into supporting Pug Rescue Organizations and all three of us are rescues!
Grace: 8/20/2009 – ? I was rescued by my Dads at 1 Years Old. I was found on the streets emaciated, shot with a pellet gun, and had babies. Dads saved me and got me spayed; they never found my babies but they healed my wounds inside and out.
Henry: 6/7/2013 – ? I was a rescue from DFWPUGRESCUE and was from a puppy mill. Dads adopted me when I was only 6 months old! I have had multiple surgeries because the puppy mill didn’t treat me right. Now, I’m living in royalty!
Crosby: 4/30/2009 – ? I have only been with my Dads for 1.5 years but it feels like heaven. I was a stray rescued by DFWPUGRESCUE and saved by my Dads. They have helped me restore some of my vision in one eye, but my other eye no longer sees. However, I can still feel their love everyday!

Where do you live?
We live in Denton, Texas which is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas, which is in the Southern part of the United States. ??

Grace, Henry + Crosby's Social Pug Profile |

What is your favourite time of the day?
Grace – Did you say food?! My favorite time of the day is anytime I get to eat! I’m the hungriest girl and Dads say I’m making up for my first year of life in which I didn’t get to eat much!
Henry – Did you say Squirrel!? ? My favorite time of the day is anytime I can be outside chasing squirrels or sitting in the sun!
Crosby – My favorite time of the day is when both of my Dads are home. All I want to do is sit on their lap and be loved. I don’t think they mind though.

What is your favourite food?
Grace – Oh I will absolutely eat anything! But my favorite food is apples and carrots! ??When I hear the slice of apples, I start Woo’ing to get more from Dads!
Henry – Well don’t tell my Dads but I love to eat tree bark and mulch that are in our flower beds. I have to secretly eat these treats because my Dads hate when I do it!
Crosby – What is this healthy stuff? I want some Watermelon! ? It’s my absolute favorite in the world.

Grace, Henry + Crosby's Social Pug Profile |

Do you have a toy that you can’t live without?
Grace – I absolutely love toys that are fluffy and shaped like a ball. But my younger brother Henry always tries to steal them!
Henry – I can’t live without any of my toys! I have so many my Dads had to get a bigger basket. And sometimes they try to put them away, but I love to get all of them out at once! But my absolute favorites our nylon bones that don’t seem to go away
Crosby – I’m not a big fan of toys, but I do love when Dads bring me a squishy toy that I can shake and growl with!

What do you hate the most?
Grace – Have I told you about our annoying neighbors? They are big dogs and think they are so tough! Little do they know I’m the Queen Diva!
Henry – I hate those stupid bikes and cars on our walks! But sometimes I see them on the television too but can’t figure out how to get to them!
Crosby – I absolutely hate when either of my Dads leaves the couch. I cry and woo woo until they come back to the couch! Dads say I’m working on my insecure attachment.

Grace, Henry + Crosby's Social Pug Profile |

What do you love the most?
Grace – I absolutely love the sun! I love the warmth it brings to my belly. Sometimes Dads make me come inside because they say I like it too much!
Henry – Ohhh I love to be held like a baby against my Dads. I will fall sleep against them and it’s my absolute favorite and reminds me of when they rescued me.
Crosby – Did you say Car Ride?! I absolutely love to sit on my Dads lap for a fun car ride! I always love a new adventure.

Do you have any bad habits?
Grace – Well since this is a diary, I’ll admit that sometimes I like to eat poop ? Dads absolutely hate it but can a girl get some extra food? My vet says nothing is wrong with my nutrient levels, it’s just a bad habit I can’t break
Henry – Dads get mad at me but I love to play in the curtains! Sometimes it’s so fun to make them fall from the wall or spin around in them!
Crosby – Why do I have to go outside to pee? It’s much easier to raise my leg in the house. The downside of this is Dads make me wear a belly band diaper to prevent me from doing this.

What do you think is your best quality?
Grace – Well I think I have multiple best qualities! I am the sassiest girl and people just love my sassiness. My Dads say my best quality is my loyalty! I am always ready to defend my brothers and be a big sis!
Henry – I am the most innocent Pug out there! I am never grumpy and always happy, no matter what time it is. I find joy in all that I do!
Crosby – I am so ready to love and be loved. My Dads always say they are so lucky to have a pug like me. They call me their Velcro Pug because I never leave their side. I love them so much.

Grace, Henry + Crosby's Social Pug Profile |

What does a typical day look like for you?
Grace – We all wake up at 7 a.m. and eat breakfast. I like to make parameter checks of our backyard given my role as a guard pug. I also love to sleep on my comfy beds.
Henry – After breakfast, I love to check my siblings bowls to be sure they didn’t miss anything. I then like to wait for my Dad to let me outside and tend to the flower beds.
Crosby – Why would you ever leave the couch?! I’m perfectly happy sleeping on my comfy blanket on the couch until my Dad gets home from work. Then I sleep on the couch between his legs.
We then get to eat our dinner at 4 p.m. because Dads say we are “hungry monsters.” We also get apples/carrots during the evening. If it’s not too hot, we will all spend time outside together on our patio or hammock.

What is your favourite adventure you have been on so far?
Grace – When it was just me, I lived in Virginia with my Dads. It was so fun to be a solo girl, living in a big city! I was the diva at the dog park then as well!
Henry – My favorite adventures are going to see my best-friend “Dude.” She’s a Black Labrador and is my cousin! Anytime I get to see her, we always are adventurous together.
Crosby – I don’t care where we go, as long as I’m on my Dads lap. That’s the best adventure for me!

What do you love most about having an Instagram account?
We absolutely love the friends that we have made on Instagram. We feel we have truly the best followers/friends and we have grown to feel so close to many of them. With so much hate in the world, we love the ability to be part of a community that is focused on positivity and love. We try to be genuine to ourselves but also bring joy to others. Our Dads also love being role-models for other LGBT individuals. So many people have reached out and shared the positive impact that our Dads have had on their lives as well.

Grace, Henry + Crosby's Social Pug Profile |

Where can we follow your daily adventures?
You can follow us on Instagram at @texaspuglife
Grace – I think it should be called QueenDivapuglife

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Grace, Henry & Crosby in this Social Pug Profile interview and be sure to leave a pug love note for her in the comments below.

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  1. Avatar Texaspuglife fan on July 27, 2018 at 10:58 am

    This was so fun reading about each of them! They are dolls

  2. Avatar Amanda Marshall on July 30, 2018 at 7:30 am

    I love all three of you and I know my rescue pugs, Lola and Coco would too!

  3. Avatar kent moon on July 30, 2018 at 7:31 am

    They are just absolutely beautiful. pure pug heaven!

  4. Avatar Mary Cay on July 30, 2018 at 7:33 am

    Great stories. Wish you were closer but my pugs, Mattie 91/2 and Olli will be 4 next week live in North Carolina . Know we could have a fun time together!

  5. Avatar Kay on July 30, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    You are all so sweet & you and your Dads make such a cute family! Love you!!!

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