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Barry's Social Pug Profile |

It is that time again where you get to know a pug from the social media scene in our popular  Social Pug Profile series. This week it is the adorable Barry the Puggy. Get to know Barry in his interview.

Name: Barry Lane

Age: 2

Birth date: 24th June 2014

Where do you live? Warwickshire in England

Barry's Social Pug Profile |

What is your favourite time of the day?
Easy. Lunch time. My dad takes me out for an afternoon walk and when we come home I usually eat my lunch and help him eat his. Funnily enough he doesn’t want me to share mine with him?

What is your favourite food?
I think my favourite food would have to be chicken. It’s just everything about it! I become giddy as soon as I can smell it cooking in the oven and then can barely contain myself when it’s left to cool on the side! I’ll try any food though… As long as it’s not green. There isn’t one green food I like. Brocolli, yuck. Cucumber? Yuck. I do enjoy a Greenie though, does that count?

Do you have a toy that you can’t live without?
Probably my toy cow that I got for my first birthday. She is a little worse for wear now with only one leg, and no ears. Mum has had to rescue her a few times with a needle and thread, I don’t know what i’d do without her!

Barry's Social Pug Profile |

What do you hate the most?
The telly hands down. That thing just annoys the hell out of me! Cats, dogs, cars… The list goes on of the annoying things that get shown on the telly and barking doesn’t seem to get rid of it!

What do you love the most?
Definitely my humans. I’m so glad they picked me out of my brothers and sisters to come live with them.

Do you have any bad habits?
Bad habits? Me? Of course not! I am pug perfection!

Barry's Social Pug Profile |

What do you think is your best quality?
My best quality has to be my ability to get whatever I want! Humans got food I want? Cue big sad eyes and it’s mine! I want to play? Cry and demand the human’s attention and I’m playing! Tired? No walkies please I’m napping!

What does a typical day look like for you?
I wake around 7am when mum begins clattering around getting ready for work. I try to get back to sleep but the pesky birds outside are usually singing and irritating me. No amount of barking makes them stop, but that does wake dad who gets up to make my breakfast! After breakfast it’s on to the sofa for a snooze inbetween daytime telly. Lunchtime I get dragged off the sofa for a walk if it’s not raining and then back for some lunch with dad. Then it’s probably a bit more sleeping on the sofa or in the garden sunbathing weather permitting! Mum comes home around 6pm when I have another walk and then my tea! In the evening I play with my toys, the occassional zoomie and then I’m shattered ready for bed with a bedtime snack!

Barry's Social Pug Profile |

What do you love most about having an Instagram account?
I love having an Instagram account because it means i get to interact with other dogs and humans from all over the world! The world can be a very scary place but luckily i have Instagram to remind me that it’s not all doom and gloom!

So far, what has been your greatest adventure you’ve been on?
This was probably when I went to London to film an advert for Virgin Media. I got to feel like a star for the day with lots of costume changes! It was all very exciting. I was filming for around 4 hours and by the time they shouted ‘that’s a wrap!’ I was falling asleep!

Barry's Social Pug Profile |

Where can we follow your daily adventures?
You can follow my daily adventures on Instagram @barry_the_puggy!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Barry the Puggy in this Social Pug Profile interview and be sure to leave a pug love note for him in the comments below.

Barry's Social Pug Profile |

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