Signs Your Pug May Have an Allergy

It is very common for pugs to suffer from allergies. And they very well could have an allergy but you don’t even know they are suffering. And I will admit, that was me. The signs have been there since Ref was a pup but I honestly had no idea that he could be suffering from allergies. That is until now. And right now, we are going through the process to work out just what exactly Ref is allergic to. I am here to share with you the signs your pug may have an allergy and what you should do to help them.

Signs Your Pug May Have an Allergy |

So what are some of the most common signs that your pug may have an allergy? There are a number of signs that could present themselves that may not be as obvious as others. But they will most of the time present themselves through the skin. Here are some of the signs your pug may have an allergy.

Scratching of the ears

Scratching of the ears is quite common and can mean there is an infection in the ears. A yeast infection is something that can be very common and is the result of an allergy. Along with the scratching of the ears, there will be debris and they will be smelly. All signs that your pug could have an allergy that needs to be addressed.

Licking of the paws

This is the main thing I didn’t realise that is a sign of an allergy. Licking of the paws means that your pug has an itch. This can range from occasional to frequent and even extreme licking that can lead to biting. The skin between the paw pads should be checked when this occurs to make sure that there is no breaking of the skin and moisture build up. The skin may well be pinkish or red if they are irritated. This could be a year or bacterial infection caused by an allergy.

Scratching of other areas of the skin

Scratching or biting of any other area of the body could be a sign your pug suffers from allergies. Common areas include insides of legs, neck, chin and tail. Excessive scratching can break the skin and and cause an infection. This is commonly known as a hotspot and left untreated can spread very quickly. A hotspot is a key indicator of an allergy.

Rubbing of the face

A common skin irritation can occur in a pug’s face folds. And whilst it may not look like there is a problem with their folds, there very well could be. One of the main signs there is an irritation in the face folds is when your pug rubs their face. They may use their paws to rub their face or they may rub their face on furniture or carpet. All signs that they have an itchy face and definitely worth a trip to the vet for a check up.

There are 3 main cause of allergies. The first is a flea bite or insect allergy. The second is a food allergy and the third is airborne allergies. But regardless of the type of allergy, a visit to your vet is a must. But be aware that antibiotics will only suppress the symptoms and not treat the allergy. There is a place for antibiotics but the most important thing is to find the cause of the allergy so an effective treatment plan can be put into place. If your vet isn’t qualified in dealing specifically with the skin and allergies, they will be able to refer you to a vet who is experienced in this area that will help you to identify the allergy and then treat it accordingly.

So if your pug is showing any of these signs of an allergy, please seek veterinary advice so you can help them to lead a happier and itchy free life as possible.

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