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It is my favourite Monday again where I get to introduce to you the latest star in the Social Pug Profile series. And this time it is the handsome Sergio from Perth. This is one cool dude who sure knows how to live the pug life. Get to know him some more with this interview.

Sergio's Social Pug Profile |

Sergio the Frenchie with help

Name: Sergio

Age: Almost 2… I know Mum has something huge planned

Birth date or Gotcha Date: 18th of October 2013

Where do you live? Perth Western Australia

Sergio's Social Pug Profile |

DJ Sergio

What is your favourite time of the day? That would have to be 5.30pm, Because that’s Park Play Time

What is your favourite food? Cheezles… I will do anything for Cheezels, but they make me tubby! I always have to watch my weight 🙁

Do you have a toy that you can’t live without? Wolfie… Mum won him in the skill tester for me and she has had to sew his eyes and leg back on 3 times

Sergio's Social Pug Profile |

Sergio the Pug Pirate of Perth

What do you hate the most? Not getting any attention… I am very needy

What do you love the most? Attention haha, getting attention and my best friend Floyd. He is also a pug and I get to stay at his house every now and then. If you say Floyd out loud, I tend to go nuts from excitement!

Do you have any bad habits? I cry a lot when my humans are still in bed, I tend to do it on the weekend at 5am in the morning when they are really trying to rest. I cry until they just get up… but they never stay mad long 🙂

Sergio's Social Pug Profile |

Sergio the Hipster

What do you think is your best quality? Have to say my coat… It’s super shiny and I get comments all the time. I get blow waved weekly.

What does a typical day look like for you? Apparently I have the life of riley, I have no idea what this means, But I think it stands for lots of cuddles and snoozing. The best days are our Pugs In Perth catch ups, now that’s a day out! Pugs as far as the eye can see 🙂

Sergio's Social Pug Profile |

Photo by Adam Jackman-Moore of The Dog Photographers

I see that you have been professionally photographed. Tell us about your photography experience so pugs around the world can understand what it is like to be photographed by a professional photographer. 
Im blushing, yes it’s true I’m going to be in a calendar at the end of year. Mum almost wet her pants when I was selected to be photographed and  part of “The Pug Life Dirty Dozen” . Please check out the posse put together and photographed by the incredibly talented Adam Jackman-Moore, He is the main man from “The Dog Photographers” putting Perth Pugs on the map!
Besides getting loads of treats this was one of the best days of my life,  Adam makes you feel right at home and Im so happy with the photo’s. I really felt like a real supermodel or should I say my Pug Life character 2-Pug 🙂

Would you recommend all pugs to be professionally photographed at least once in their life?
I highly recommend a professional photo shoot, I couldnt believe how handsome I looked after a bit of photo shopping…. He didnt get rid of my wrinkles but that’s ok! The quality of the images have come up amazing on canvas, and for Christmas the whole family is getting my pic made into Christmas cards. What a way to capture the amazing Pug personality, I will definitely be booking in another shoot next year

Sergio's Social Pug Profile |

Photo by Adam Jackman-Moore of The Dog Photographers

Where can we follow your daily adventures? 
Please follow me on Instagram @sergio_blackpug and don’t forget the @thepuglifeposse or on Facebook

Be sure to leave a pug love note for Sergio in the comments. I am positive he will love to read them.

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  1. Avatar Spike & Zira (@SpikeAndZira) on September 15, 2015 at 1:38 am

    Such an exciting life of a real pug model! Very cute Sergio!

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