Review: Pugs of Perth Coffee Table Book

I love amazing pug photography and when I heard Sarah Lewis Photography was doing a book project of pugs, I was rather excited and knew I would just have to add the Pugs of Perth Coffee Table Book to my collection. I have been following Sarah’s journey on creating this book on Facebook and Instagram. I was stoked to feature one of the Pugs of Perth sessions earlier in the year and now I am excited to share with you an insight into the finished Pugs of Perth Coffee Table Book.

The Pugs of Perth Coffee Table book features 100 pages of absolute adorableness with over 50 pugs of all ages, colours and sizes featured. Each pug family is featured over a 2 page spread showing off the amazing photography that Sarah captured along with some wonderful words about each of the pugs as written by their humans.

Review: Pugs of Perth Coffee Table Book |

The book not only shows off the adorable faces of so many pugs from the Perth area, but also the colours and diverse scenery that Perth has to offer as wonderful backdrops to the photos. I love that the backdrops feature some of Perth’s highlights from beaches to the city, wineries to urban landscapes with pops of colour and the natural beauties of the seasons. Each backdrop from the sights of Perth compliments the pugs featured in the book.

I love every one of the photos in the book but the one thing I loved most about flicking through the pages of the book is the familiar faces. I’ll be admiring the photos and flip to the next page and go “ooo it’s Tofu & Dally” or another pug I know through the wonders of social media. I see these pugs in my feeds every day and now I have a piece of them in my home.

Review: Pugs of Perth Coffee Table Book |

Sarah knew just how to get the best photos from each of the pugs. I know that every pug parent of the pugs featured have got some amazing pieces of artwork to cherish for years to come. It is very special to be able to have your pug photographed by someone so talented because you just never know when you’ll only have those photos left. Something special about this book is that during the production of the book, there were 2 pugs that sadly passed away. And when you open the book, you will see that the book is dedicated to them. Such a lovely touch to an amazing book.

Now here’s the thing. You don’t need to own one of the pugs featured in the book to have a copy of Pugs of Perth. You just need to love pugs because this book is the perfect book for all pug lovers to add to their collection of pug stuff. If you are like me, you already have a spot ready to add the Pugs of Perth Coffee Table Book to your collection. All you need to do now is head on over to Sarah Lewis Photography and buy your copy. I guarantee you will love the book as much as I do!

To buy the book, visit here.

To see more of Sarah’s work, visit here.

Make sure you follow Sarah on Facebook & Instagram.

And if you live in Perth and want to have your pug photographed by Sarah, book a session.

Review: Pugs of Perth Coffee Table Book |

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