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Clear Dog Treats Review |

Here at The Pug Diary, it is all about healthy pugs. A healthy pug doesn’t need to go without treats though. You just need to choose the right one. When I am looking for some new treats for Ref and Serina, I look for single ingredient treats. Ones that are made from meat that they will love and I will love giving to them. That’s where Clear Dog Treats comes in.

Clear Dog Treats is an Aussie business that has a large variety of healthy treats. The single ingredient treats that are perfect for the starving pug. Single ingredient treats are important because you know just what is in them. And if you find a treat that has 2 ingredients in it, they are 2 single ingredients combined to make some new deliciousness.

With Clear Dog Treats you won’t have to worry about reading an extensive ingredient list to see if there are any foods that your pug can’t have in them. You won’t have to worry about unnecessary sugars or grains. Nor will you need to worry that they are made using toxic ingredients from a foreign country. Clear Dog Treats are the perfect treat.

Clear Dog Treats Review |

There are a few things that makes Clear Dog Treats stand out in the Australian treat market.

  • All ingredients are sourced from Australia and New Zealand only
  • They are all natural
  • They are high quality treats
  • They have no added sugar
  • They are preservative & additive free
  • They contain no artificial colourings
  • Large variety with over 80 different options available

When you head to you will undoubtedly find the perfect healthy, high quality treat for your pug with beef, chicken, fish, goat, kangaroo, lamb & pork treats available in a range you will love too. If your pug’s teeth need a clean, you’ll find some super healthy dental chews. Can’t decide what to get your pug? Then you’ll even find some great value packs that will have a variety of treats for your pug to enjoy.

Clear Dog Treats Review |

Ref and Serina received a selection a Clear Dog Treats to try out. There was some chicken breast fillet which is not like most chicken breast treats on the market. Unlike most chicken breast treats, these do not contain water based glycerine gel meaning they are not super soft, full of moisture and less chicken. You’ll definitely get value for money with a chicken breast treat that has no preservatives or additives. There was also some buffalo jerky which is something new for the pugs to try as well as the mackerel bites and shark skin. The pugs enjoy some delicious beef and kangaroo jerky but the fish twisters were something else. They already love shark cartilage but the fish twisters are one of those treats that have 2 ingredients with the shark cartilage being wrapped in a strip of mackerel. Not only do the pugs enjoy the fish twister, I am super happy for them to have it as it is a great dental chew with a bunch amazing nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and omega-3. Fist twisters are great for teeth, joints swell as skin & coat. Clear Dog Treats are a hit in our house!

Clear Dog Treats Review |

Since we don’t want to keep all of the deliciousness of Clear Dog Treats to ourselves, we have a special offer for all of The Pug Diary readers. When you head to to purchase a selection of treats for your pug, you can save some money or just buy some extra treats with the savings by using the refserina10 code at checkout to get 10% off your order. But you need to be quick cause this special offer is valid for March 2018 only. Don’t miss out on such a high quality, healthy range of treats for your pug!

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