Raw Feeding for Pugs: How Much to Feed

Now that you have read Raw Feeding for Pugs: An Introduction, you have the basic understanding of raw feeding. You have probably decided whether you want to go the Prey Model road or the BARF road. But the next step in the process of feeding a raw diet to your pug is working out how much to feed them.

Raw Feeding for Pugs: How Much to Feed | www.thepugdiary.com

It can be so easy to over feed your pug. We all know the face they give us when there is food around. The “I’m starving and haven’t been fed in 10 days” face. But no matter how bossy and demanding your pug can be about food, keeping them to the exact amount of recommended food intake to keep them trim is important.

Every pug will be different in how much food they need to fuel them and keep them at their ideal weight. You will need to consider if they need to lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight, their activity levels and age. Older pugs are less active and generally require less food than a younger pug and of course, an active pug puppy would require more food to help them grow strong.

Raw Feeding for Pugs: How Much to Feed | www.thepugdiary.com

The key to working out how much to feed your pug is knowing their ideal weight. From there you can work out how to feed them. If your pug needs to lose weight, then you would feed them 2% of their ideal body weight. To maintain their body weight, you would feed 2.5% of their body weight and if they need to gain weight or a very active, then 3% could be the amount for them. A pug puppy is fed entirely different again as they do have different needs, which will be discussed in another post. So what does 2%, 2.5% or 3% look like?

Raw Feeding for Pugs: How Much to Feed | www.thepugdiary.com

Now this table is just a guide as your pug may weigh 9.3kg or 7.8kg so you will want to get a little more specific. To get a more specific calculation, I have created a calculator for you. This calculator will allow you to put in your pug’s weight in grams and it will tell you how much you should feed them per day in grams. Download your free calculator here. All you need to use the calculator is Excel or Numbers spreadsheets.

Once you know how much to feed per day, you will need to work out if you will be feeding your pug once or twice a day. Since you already know your daily amount to feed, you will only need to change this amount if you are wanting to feed twice a day. You can simply split the daily amount in half and you will now have how to much to feed per meal.

Up next in raw feeding for pugs is a guide on how to balance your pug’s food.

Raw Feeding for Pugs: How Much to Feed | www.thepugdiary.com

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  1. Avatar Madison Bauer on January 12, 2018 at 4:40 am

    What are in these bowls of the photos of the food? Are the different colored shaped paws vitamins? Also, when my Pug has lived on nothing but the best kibble I can find and now I’m changing over to raw, should I go VERY slow? Ex: put a raw egg in kibble once a week to start and just take it nice and slow? I’m excited and nervous at the same time. My Pug has only ate (Nutro: Weight Control) kibble and other low protein low fat treats his entire 9 years so far. After seeing “Pet Fooled” on Netflix I have to switch him over. He’s NEVER liked his kibble. I just thought he was being stubborn.

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