Pugs of Perth: Lexie, Jax + Reggie by Sarah Lewis Photography

Copy: Kristy Beck
Photography: Sarah Lewis Photography

I have been following Sarah’s photography for awhile now. She has amazing images and I was very excited to see when she announced that she was doing a Pugs of Perth Book. Needles to say, the images are gorgeous that she has been sharing and I am super happy to be sharing one of the Pugs of Perth Book sessions from Sarah Lewis Photography.

Pugs of Perth: Lexie, Jax + Reggie by Sarah Lewis Photography | www.thepugdiary.com

From Sarah of Sarah Lewis Photography

Lexi, Jax & Reggie

I rarely get to work with three dogs at one time, so when this little trio’s Mum applied for them to feature in my Pugs of Perth book, how could I say no to three squishable faces?!

Annette says “Lexi is the matriarch and rules the roost. Jax is our little boy who hates heights and mummy’s kisses. Reggie is a rescue from Melbourne.”

A photo session with three dogs can surely prove to be a challenge, and I recall thinking this as I waited before sunrise for Lexi, Jax and Reggie to arrive on location. I looked out of the car window and spotted three little pugs being walked around the area. Not one was on lead, and all closely following their mum, Annette. Yes, three pugs, all off lead! Could it get any better than that?!

Lexi, Jax and Reggie didn’t fail to impress me during their session either, posing together as the sun rose behind us. Since they live in Coogee with their Mum Annette, we decided that a nearby spot would be really fitting as she wanted their session to represent them and where they live. The first thing that popped into my head was the Coogee Powerstation, a location that will eventually be revamped with shops, bars and galleries. I’m so delighted to have captured Lexi, Jax and Reggie here while it’s still in it’s original state. It has a very industrial feel and is a well known icon in this particular suburb.

As the session got underway, this adorable trio grouped themselves together, head tilted in sync and were spoiled with endless treats and peanut butter for their hard work.

Pugs of Perth: Lexie, Jax + Reggie by Sarah Lewis Photography | www.thepugdiary.com


Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, I was always surrounded by nature and of course, Dogs. At the age of sixteen, the very first thing I wanted to do when I picked up my very first camera, a Canon 400D, was to take images of any piece of nature I could discover in the backyard. It wasn’t until two years ago, that I made the decision to specialise in Pets alone. I have been in the business of solely Pet Photography for two years, where I have met many amazing pets and people.

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