Pug Training 101: Preparing for Fireworks

If you have a pug that is nervous and fearful of fireworks, then this pug training post is the one for you to start on now so come New Years Eve, your pug will be cool, calm and collected around the big night.

Pug Training 101: Preparing for Fireworks | www.thepugdiary.com

Have you ever wondered why some pugs are so calm around noisy environments, while others look nervous and stressed? There are many loud, new and unusual sounds a pug must get used to and today I want to help pug owners understand how to get your pugs prepared for dealing with fireworks.

Hundreds of thousands of dogs go missing during New Years celebrations due to fireworks. A dogs natural instinct is to run away from what is scaring them. Dogs will travel a huge distance to try to escape fireworks.

If your pug is scared of fireworks then you CAN improve their reaction. It all starts with Sound Proof Puppy Training App. The app is available for Android and iPhone and will work on both iPad and tablet.

If you are a pug breeder you can use the app to play fireworks sounds to your puppies from 3 weeks of age, when their ears open.

New pug puppy owners can use the app to play sounds to their puppy during the critical phase period.

In fact all pug owners of all ages should be using the app for preparation for New Years Eve!

“Sound phobia in dogs is a very common issue and we hear a lot about fireworks being the major issue for many pugs”

When you first start the fireworks training you must start with the volume very low. Prepare your pugs favourite meal and feed him as you start to play the sound on the app. If this is a littler of pug puppies then play the sound while the pups feed from their mum. (Mum must feel happy to have the sound playing though. Don’t make her scared or she will teach her puppies to react the same way.)

Pugs love their food and during this training they should happily eat their meal. Only your pug can decide how comfortable they feel around the sound, start with the volume low and also make sure they aren’t too close to the speaker to begin with.

Your pug will enjoy their meal and start to get desensitised to the sound of the fireworks. Repeat this exercise a few times before you start to turn the volume up. As you know our beloved pugs also love games of tug o war and fetch. You can play the app during these activities too!! We want wonderful things to be predicted every time fireworks are played.

Eventually your pug will feel perfectly comfortable around fireworks sounds on the app even at full volume. The end goal is that your pug will continue to eat or play their games happily during fireworks sounds being played at a volume similar to the level they are in real life so you will need a speaker. The iPhone version works really well through Apple tv too.

All training videos and notes are included in the app. However we have put together a special video just for pugs! Enjoy, may you have a peaceful relaxed new years for 2015.

Good luck and happy pug training everyone!

I would love to see some training videos uploaded to the Facebook page too so I can see how well your pug is doing with the fireworks sounds. And always feel free to leave your questions and comments below for me to read. I love to hear feedback and what you would like to see in upcoming training posts.

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