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Pug rescue groups play such a huge part in the dog rescue scene with rescuing and rehoming many pugs all over the world. There are so many amazing groups that help pugs in need. This is their chance to share their story some more through the Pug Rescue Profile. This week we have the amazing group that rescued my little girl, Serina. Pugs SOS are an Australian pug rescue group who rescue and rehome hundreds of pugs every year throughout the Australia . Get to know this incredible pug rescue and how you can support them.

Pugs SOS's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Who are Pugs SOS?
Pugs SOS is a nationwide registered charity. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome neglected and unwanted pugs. Our aim is to keep pugs out of puppy farms. 

Every year, thousands of pug puppies are sold as pets. Every time there a pug appears on television or in a movie – people have to get one. Now.

Reputable registered breeders have waiting lists, and only breed every so often. This leaves the market wide open for puppy farmers, who are able to supply unlimited numbers of pug puppies 365 days of the year.

Unfortunately, most people do not do their homework before purchasing a pug. Websites advise they are ‘great apartment dogs’, ‘couch potatoes’ and are ‘easy care’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pugs weigh between 8 and 11 kilos, are highly active, need company virtually around the clock and moult every hour of every day. Once people realise how much hard work they are – they quickly advertise them on Gumtree, Trading Post and other online sites – usually not desexed.

Pugs SOS's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

This puts pugs at a great risk of being picked up by puppy farmers and backyard commercial operators, who need constant supplies of breeding stock, and search through online advertisements looking for entire adult pugs, usually for a third the price of a puppy, who they can start breeding with immediately.

Pugs who have lived their entire lives in a home suddenly find themselves in a cage in a breeding shed – with little to no veterinary care and being bred from every season until they die.

Pugs SOS are alerted to advertisements, and respond immediately. We contact the seller, advising the risks of selling entire, and try and get them to desex them in the first instance. If this does not work, we negotiate to pick up the pug. We them bring them back into care, rehabilitate, complete all veterinary care, and rehome to great families.

Pugs SOS's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

How long has Pugs SOS been around for?
Pugs SOS was officially launched in 2010 – however was operational prior to that.

Where is Pugs SOS located?
Pugs SOS is based in Victoria, with co-ordinators in each State across Australia.

Who is behind Pugs SOS and why did you start it?
I started Pugs SOS as I was already involved with showing the breed. I was a passionate pug person, and started stumbling across pugs who needed help.

One day I saw an advertisement for two heavily pregnant pugs for sale. The seller wrote “Have pug puppies of your own this Christmas!”. I contacted the seller, and he agreed to meet me in the loading bay at Tullamarine Airport.

On the day, he arrived in a white ute, the rear was full of golden retriever and Siberian husky puppies that he was due to sell on the side of the road. It was 42 degrees – everyone was very hot. He handed over the two girls, for $5,000 cash, and no questions asked. One of the girls was so heavily pregnant that her waters broke as I put her into my car.

He advised he had over 90 pugs in an old piggery, and that he wanted to get rid of them as they were ‘too hard to breed’. He had a further 300 golden retrievers, Siberians and Labradors which were “easy to breed from”. I asked him to contact me when the pugs came available – which he agreed to do.

Pugs SOS's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

How many pugs have you rescued and successfully re-homed?
We rehome approximately 350 pugs per year.

How can someone make a financial donation and how does this money get used to help pugs?
We are very grateful for donations, as our veterinary costs are huge. Most of the pugs we pick up have chronically painful ear infections, skin issues, breathing problems requiring surgery, and many are nearly blind due to untreated pigmentary keratitis.

Do you take donations of physical goods such as bedding, food etc?
Most of costs are the initial purchase price of the pug, and veterinary costs.

Pugs SOS's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

How can someone volunteer with Pugs SOS and what types of voluntary positions do you need?
We always need people for foster care, or to pick up pugs, transport them, or even to trawl through online advertisements looking for pugs at risk.

What does it take to be a foster carer with Pugs SOS?
Carers must be home more often than not at home. They must have a secure backyard, allow the pugs to live inside their home and be a part of the family. They must have a good understanding of the breed.

Do you host annual fundraising events? If so, tell us about your annual fundraising events that the public can get involved with.
We do host fundraising events, which are great opportunities to talk to the public about the pros and cons of owning a pug. We find Australia is much too hot for pugs, who are double coated, and we like to discuss their high energy levels, breathing and eye issues, and warn people that they are highly prized and therefore a target for thieves.

Pugs SOS's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

How can someone adopt a pug from Pugs SOS? What is the process and requirements?
We ask interested people to complete an adoption application form, which can be found on our website. We generally require people to have another small dog as a companion, especially if they go to work all day. We then do a Meet and Greet – if that goes well, then we do a home visit to check fencing etc. Successful applicants complete a Contract Form – which ensures their adopted pug will always come back to Pugs SOS if they are unable to keep them in the future.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Pugs SOS in this Pug Rescue Profile. If Pugs SOS is a charity you can help, please be sure to get in touch with them and help in any way you can.

Pugs SOS's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

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