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Pug rescue groups play such a huge part in the dog rescue scene with rescuing and rehoming many pugs all over the world. There are so many amazing groups that help pugs in need. This is their chance to share their story some more through the Pug Rescue Profile. This week we have Portland, Oregon based rescue group, Pacific Pug Rescue featured. Get to know this amazing pug rescue and how you can support them.

Pacific Pug Rescue's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Who are Pacific Pug Rescue?
Pacific Pug Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 2006. More than 100 Pug obsessed volunteers dedicate themselves to running the organization, including a passionate board of directors, some of whom have been volunteering for us since the beginning.

How long has Pacific Pug Rescue been around for?
Since the summer of 2006.

Where is Pacific Pug Rescue located?
We’re based in Portland, Oregon but our pugs live in foster homes throughout the Portland/Vancouver area. We are not a shelter and do not have a physical location as we feel that pugs do best in a home environment, being loved and cared for by our wonderful team of foster parents.

Pacific Pug Rescue's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Who is behind Pacific Pug Rescue and why did you start it?
A board of 8 directors currently lead around 100 pug loving volunteers in rescuing, rehabilitating and placing unwanted, neglected and abused Pugs in permanent adoptive homes that have been carefully screened. Pacific Pug Rescue was started because there was a need and a group of people who wanted to help pugs find their furever homes.

How many pugs have you rescued and successfully re-homed?
In the 11 years we’ve been active we have taken in and placed over 700 Pugs and Pug mixes into forever homes. Our need and popularity has jumped in recent years; in 2014 we adopted out 60 dogs,12 were seniors; in 2015 we adopted out 112, 39 were seniors; in 2016, we adopted out 93, 53 were seniors; and in 2017 we’re on schedule to take in over 100 dogs again this year, and about half have been seniors or pugs with special medical needs.

Pacific Pug Rescue's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

How can someone make a financial donation and how does this money get used to help pugs?
The easiest way to donate would be to visit our website and click the red donate button on the top right of the screen to donate online. But we also accept mailed donations sent to our mailbox: Pacific Pug Rescue, 15532 SW Pacific Highway C1B, #134, Tigard, OR 97224

We rely on donations from the community to care for and save Pugs in our community. General contributions cover the gap between adoption donations and the cost of veterinary care. These gifts make a huge difference in our ability give homeless Pugs a new life. Since we have no physical location to pay for, and we are 100% volunteer supported with no staff, every penny goes to the pugs and the things needed for their care.

Do you take donations of physical goods such as bedding, food etc?
We do! We keep a list of physical items we would most benefit from on our Amazon Wishlist. It can be found here: http://a.co/7JGnlNQ

How can someone volunteer with Pacific Pug Rescue and what types of voluntary positions do you need?
Interested persons only need to submit an application to volunteer, a link can be found on the sidebar of every page on our website. We’re always in need of people interested in helping us fundraise, transport pugs, help with events, and so much more. If you have a love for pugs and a want to help, we probably have something for you to be involved in.

Pacific Pug Rescue's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

What does it take to be a foster carer with Pacific Pug Rescue?
Foster families open their homes and their hearts, often on short notice, to Pugs and Pug mixes that have been neglected, abused or unwanted. There may be no information about the Pug’s health and temperament and he/she may not be housebroken. Foster parents take on this obligation with patience and dedication. Our foster homes are located in the Portland/Vancouver area.

Basic responsibilities are:

  • To provide a safe environment, food and lots of love for a Pug in transition.
  • While PPR pays for all authorized medical expenses, foster volunteers take their Pugs to veterinary appointments, outreach events, and meetings with prospective adopters.
  • Foster families help us evaluate the Pug and keep our adoption coordinator informed regarding their progress.
  • Interested persons should go here to fill in a fostering application: http://www.pacificpugrescue.org/fostering

How else can someone help Pacific Pug Rescue?
We have loads of ways to help through Volunteering and we’re always looking for more people to be involved. There are also ways to help us raise money without directly giving us money, by using specific apps or Amazon Smile, etc. You can find a great list of these ways here: http://www.pacificpugrescue.org/how-you-can-help

Pacific Pug Rescue's Pug Rescue Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Do you host annual fundraising events? If so, tell us about your annual fundraising events that the public can get involved with.
Yes, every October we have Pug-O-Ween which is a really fun event with a costume contest, food, drink, silent auction, vendors, famous pugs – it gets bigger and better every year! We’ve also just started a few new fun traditions that happen throughout the year, like Drag Queen Bingo and Naughty or Nice Pet Photos with Santa.

How can someone adopt a pug from Pacific Pug Rescue? What is the process and requirements?
First, they’ll want to visit our website and fill out an application. We’ll notify you within 48 hours that we’ve received it and will begin the application review process which includes a landlord approval verification, veterinary reference check, and personal reference check. Then our Adoption Coordinator will notify applicants of their status. If they submitted an application with the intent to try to adopt a specific pug, we will review to see if the pug is a good match. If it is, then a Meet and Greet will be arranged and hopefully, a happy adoption will be the result. More information and a link to our adoption application can be found here: http://www.pacificpugrescue.org/adoption-process

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Pacific Pug Rescue in this Pug Rescue Profile. If Pacific Pug Rescue is a charity you can help, please be sure to get in touch with them and help in any way you can.

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