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Everyone loves reading the Social Pug Profile interviews with pugs from the social media scene. Well now it is time to put the pug parents in the spotlight to answer some questions about what it is like to own a pug in the Pug Parent Profile. Get to know the humans behind the pugs you love and pick up a tip or two for life with your pug. This week we are getting to know the humans of Bodie & Spanky, Jane & Chris.

Jane + Chris' Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Name: Jane & Chris

Where do you live? We live in Atlanta, Ga. USA

How many pugs do you own? We own 2 pugs.

Jane + Chris' Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

What are their names?
Their Names are Bodie and Spanky.

Is your current pug/s your first?
Bodie was our first pug, we rescued him 8 years ago.

Jane + Chris' Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Do you think your pugs personality matches yours?
Somewhat 🙂 Spanky has tons of energy, like Chris. Bodie can be grumpy, like me! Haha!

What did you expect a pug to be like before you got one?
I expected the pugs to be loving and playful.

What was different to your expectation once you got a pug?
Well they certainly are loving and faithful. Neither of ours like toys which surprised me a little but all pugs are different!

Jane + Chris' Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

What would be your number 1 tip for new pug parents?
No 1 tip for pug parents would be to keep them moving! Pugs need to exercise to stay in shape!

What do you hate most about having a pug?
I don’t hate anything about having a pug but their shedding ‘pug glitter’ can be annoying!

What do you love most about having a pug?
We love all their quirky little mannerisms ❤

Jane + Chris' Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

What has been your biggest fear about owning a pug?
The biggest fear was potential health problems.

Have you experienced any of the typical pug health problems? If so, how have you overcome them? If not, what precautions have you taken to prevent health problems?
Spanky was blind when we rescued him due to neglect. We treat him the same as his sighted Brother and he does really well. To avoid problems we feed a good diet, supplement with fish oil and coconut oil and glucosamine chews for old joints.

Why did you choose to start a social media account for your pug/s?
We had started to follow a few cute pugs on Instagram and thought it might be fun to connect with other pug parents!

Jane + Chris' Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Where can we follow your pugs adventures?
We are @bodiespanky on Instagram and Twitter and @blindbutnot on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

I hope you enjoyed getting to meet the humans of Bodie & Spanky and picked up a tip or two about owning a pug.

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