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Gemma's Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Everyone loves reading the Social Pug Profile interviews with pugs from the social media scene. Well now it is time to put the pug parents in the spotlight to answer some questions about what it is like to own a pug in the Pug Parent Profile. Get to know the humans behind the pugs you love and pick up a tip or two for life with your pug. This week we are getting to know the human of Mochi, Gemma.

Name: Gemma

Where do you live?
I live in Brooklyn, New York

How many pugs do you own?
Only one

What are their names?

Gemma's Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Is your current pug/s your first?
Yes, I had a dog growing up but he was an english sheepdog

Do you think your pugs personality matches yours?
I think his personality compliments mine! I am a very active/nervous person and he is a very laid back dog. He has taught me to chill and take things slow.

What did you expect a pug to be like before you got one?
Ever since I met a pug for the first time I fell in love with their personality. Before I got Mochi all I could think of was to have a pug so I made a clear idea of how my pug would be. The funny think is that when I was thinking about how my pug would be like he always spoke. So now that I have real Mochi and cartoon Mochi combined is how I always imagine it would be.

Gemma's Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

What was different to your expectation once you got a pug?
Mochi was better than expected! I think I would have never imagined that he would change my life in such a dramatic way. He literally changed my professional life, my goals and myself, I didn’t expect that at all.

What would be your number 1 tip for new pug parents?
To really spend time with your pug and train him. I am impressed of how much Mochi can learn! When he was a puppy I spend all day with him and we did “classes” every day. I spend an afternoon teaching him the different names of his toys and he would bring him each toy by name. Also, I taught him to bring me my phone, just in case I ever had an accident. There is no limit to what they can learn, so it really pays off to be with them and teach them.

Gemma's Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

What do you hate most about having a pug?
I would say that what I don’t like is that he really has a hard time when it is hot. I wish he could stand the heat better so he didn’t suffer in summer.

What do you love most about having a pug?
Having a best friend who never leaves my side, that is so cute he cheers me up only by looking at him and that is so funny he makes life so much better!

What has been your biggest fear about owning a pug?
My biggest fear is that he will die. I go to the vet every time he starts to get something just in case. Also, I am super scared he will get stolen; small dogs get kidnapped all the time for sparring, that alone is my biggest nightmare.

Gemma's Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Have you experienced any of the physical pug health problems? If so, how have you overcome them? If not, what precautions have you taken to prevent health problems?
We have been very lucky so far. He has trouble breathing when it is hot, for this reason in summer we walk only very early in the morning and late at night, and I always carry iced water with me. He also gets paw infections ridiculously often. The good thing is that we know the treatment very well know so when I start to see the signs we start the treatment right away, they use to take weeks to heal and now it only takes less than a week.

Why did you choose to start a social media account for your pug/s?
I didn’t start a social media account for Mochi, that is why our account name is 157ofgemma. I was going to post my cartoons that back in the day were about my life. What happened is that I started my instagram when I was woking in an architecture firm. During the day I missed Mochi so much that all I could think about was him. For this reasons the cartoons started to be all about Mochi and my social media mutated into his.

Gemma's Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

Where can we follow your pugs adventures?
Best place to follow them is on Instagram:

Or Facebook:

We recently started a Facebook page in Spanish:

We are also on YouTube, were we post silly videos:

And we are also on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/157ofgemma

Tumblr: http://157ofgemma.tumblr.com

I hope you enjoyed getting to meet the human of Mochi and picked up a tip or two about owning a pug.

Gemma's Pug Parent Profile | www.thepugdiary.com

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