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Woof! This awesome pawsome puggy event, Pop Up Pug Cafe, was a great hit before booking had even started! The invitation to share sniffing, playing and curly tail wagging fun drew Pugs and their peeps from far and wide to London’s very own Pop Up Pug Cafe.

Pugs are known to be the most sociable and friendly little pooches ever born – and this event, warmly welcoming Pugs and Pug crosses, was sure to be an occasion full of fabulous fun and frolics.

Pug pawrents, Anushka Fernando and James Morgan, adore their dear little Pug Bertie and set out to organise some fine fun loving social events to share with other Puggy dogs too.

Pop Up Pug Cafe London |

After great success in Guildford and Brighton, Anushka and James set their ambitions on London. This lovely duo now plan for Birmingham and Glasgow to follow. This has been greeted with much glee from Puggy friends around the UK begging for more!

Booking was organised in fine prescriptive detail to ensure fairness to all. Despite that, all 500 places were allocated within fifteen minutes of booking ‘going live’ with the event being over subscribed to the tune of over 1,500 leaving many disappointed.

Slots were allocated firstly to Pug Owners with Pug Lovers following closely behind. Recognising that those without Pugs would love this event too, a portion of numbers were set aside for those sorely in need of a Pug hug.

Animal welfare being paramount, Anushka and James were strict in allocating spaces for their chosen appropriate ratio of Pug Owners/Lovers and the Puggy dogs themselves. Careful consideration was given to usage of the space given, control of room temperature, constant supply of water and drinking bowls and security of the premises. Applicants were briefed that their fine pooches needed to be well socialised and able to cope with busy environments. Pugs were asked to come in good health, good humour and with vaccinations up to date.

Pop Up Pug Cafe London |

Spread throughout the day, a total of 200 Pugs and 500 humans came along to the popular relaxed venue in Shoreditch called “The Book Club”. Upon arrival, friendly and helpful doormen ensured a legitimate signing in of all peeps and pooches to ensure that numbers were kept as planned.

These eager beaver entrants snaked down the street, as if at a film premiere, before entering to take up their coveted 70 minute slot.

Pugs raced in excitedly to see the welcoming spacious venue, which was fabulously adored with the most wonderful Pug inspired décor. These Pugs About Town were certainly given a very warm reception and embraced with a real sense of occasion. There were London Underground inspired Pug Café signs on the walls and bistro tables. Balloons, cushions and artwork all appeared to be based on the colours of the British Union Jack flag and famous London icons such as red letter boxes, telephone boxes and black taxis.

Off the lead, Pugs ran around freely with their peeps in the safe and secure knowledge that the softly spring loaded door prevented any escapees – the outer door in the lobby adding as double Houdini proof security.

With plenty of tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas, there was space for everyone. Treasured Puggies lounged at leisure on the soft furnishings or ran freely with glee. Pug zoomies appeared like whirlwinds of spaghetti, weaving in and out of table and chair legs in a flurried blur!

Pop Up Pug Cafe London |

Complimentary Puggucinos were joyfully guzzled, in recognised Puggy style, with true delightful exuberance and absolutely no reflection on table etiquette whatsoever! There was most certainly no “Paws on the Floors” policy illustrated here!

As the humans relaxed and chatted over their own culinary choices, lucky Pugs enjoyed a delectable menu of pooch friendly treats such as “cheese bark-scotti”, “apple and blueberry woofins” and “cinnamon roll pug tails”.

Encouraging busy Puggy dogs to drink sensibly and stay hydrated, a fully stocked H2O bar was provided with water bowls lined up to share.

And, with no need for Puggy paparazzi, there was a first class “selfie corner” with crowns for both peeps and pooches and an instagram frame for the social media savvy. Downstairs, there was even a Pug photo booth!

Looking longingly from the streets outside, people could be seen literally weeping – aching to be part of the fun beyond their reach.

Sadly, for some, the 70 minute slots came to a close like a bereavement. The only criticism being heard was one of time passing too quickly.

Pop Up Pug Cafe London |

Rarely is there a true “dog friendly” venue to enjoy. We animal lovers do so love it when we find one. So many establishments merely tolerate our four legged friends but appear not to honestly welcome them. The Pug Café embraces a concept that couldn’t be more dog friendly, warmly welcoming all that our Puggy dogs are and need in the safetly and knowledge that no one is going anywhere they shouldn’t. In these days of having to be so very cautious, this was a real and rare treat.

This was indeed a truly awesome pawsome event, embracing and celebrating all that we love of our dear Puggies. And to find that a portion of the booking fee from the Pop Up Pug Café goes to raising funds for The French & Pug Dog Foundation is the icing on the cake.

To keep up with future Pug Café events, have a peep at –

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