Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach

Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |

What is better than a week long holiday? Well that’s easy, a week long holiday you can take your pugs on. And that is just what I got to do last week. Take the pugs on a week long holiday that was not only relaxing but fun and 100% dog friendly.

I booked a holiday at The Life of Riley & Darcey in Culburra Beach. The place where dogs take their humans on holidays. The place where it is all about the dogs. The ultimate pet friendly accommodation for anyone wanting a weekend, week long or even longer escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life without the expense of a hotel and have the comfort of a cosy home.

Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |

The Booking Process

There is plenty of information of the Life of Riley & Darcey website where you can make your booking. It clearly outlines everything from the pricing depending on the season you are going to showing photos of the house you’ll be staying in. I had a few questions about the doggy items that were supplied and what dog friendly activities were available in the area so I contacted the owners via their Facebook page and they were incredibly helpful. They even posted some info books on the south coast dog friendly activities and more. With the way that the owners were helpful and the information on their booking website, it was more than enough to make the actual booking.

The booking process was pretty easy. It is all done via the website and then confirmed via email. So easy to book and that is what you want when booking a holiday.

Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |

What was included with the accommodation?

This isn’t anything like when booking a pet friendly room at a hotel. It is a holiday house so you will find everything you would at home. It is a spacious house with 3 bedrooms that up to 6 humans can sleep, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry, dining and living areas as well as another area that has a second lounge, tv and dining table that you can add your dog’s names too. There are plenty of great doggy items provided including food & water bowls, beds, paddling pools, agility items, toys, leads and a great backyard for exploring and playing in. I love all of the dog features around the place especially the wall of fame where you get to add a photo of your dog’s to it.

Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |

Are there any restrictions?

Plain and simple, not really. And that is the great thing about the Life of Riley & Darcey. It is a holiday house that is a dog’s home away from home meaning they can pretty much doing everything they do at home. Ref & Serina loved that they could still sleep with me and have their couch time they love so much. Just make sure that you do inform the booking agency about how many dogs that are coming.

Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |

Dog Friendly Activities To Do

The great thing about the NSW South Coast is that there are plenty of things to do with dogs. To start with, if you take a short walk down the road from the house, you are at Culburra Beach which is dog friendly. There are no roads to cross either which is great. There are also a number of beaches that are dog friendly whether it be off-leash 24 hours or off-leash between 4pm and 8am with the rest of the day being on-leash. For the people and dogs who would like to experience white sand and clear blue waters, then head to Calalla Beach. There is a huge section that is dog friendly and it is about a 20 minute drive from the house.

We took a walk along the waters around Greenwell Point and had some fish & chips for lunch. The pugs loved gong for a walk along the water and checking out the boats and pelicans. It is a dog friendly area so there are bins and poop bags available so making sure you clean up after your dog is easy. It is also a great area if you have kids with you too with a playground for them to play whilst you and the dogs relax.

Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |

We also loved the half hour drive to Huskisson. There are some dog friendly beaches in Huskisson as well but here we had a great bite to eat at Angels Bayside Cafe. They are a great dog friendly cafe that has seating outside as well as a bowl of water on hand to quench your dog’s thirst. They are very friendly and Ref & Serina loved the good pats from the staff.

There are plenty of dog friendly activities to do whilst on holiday at the Life of Riley & Darcey but these were some of our favourites that we did whilst on holiday.

Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |


We absolutely loved our week away at the Life of Riley & Darcey in Culburra Beach on NSW’s South Coast. It was so good to know that the pugs could enjoy their holiday as though they were at home. There was plenty for us humans to do with the pugs when we weren’t just relaxing. I also loved that there was a guest book to fill out, I could leave Ref & Serina’s names on the wooden table and their photo on the wall of fame. And the great little extra touch was the goodie bag waiting on arrival that had a bottle of wine, tim tams, maltesers, poop bags & holder and a bag of delicious treats for the pugs. A nice little extra for an already great place to stay. Ref, Serina and I give it 5 paws out of 5 paws! And we can’t wait to book our next family holiday at The Life of Rile & Darcey.

Rating: Pet Friendly Accommodation | Life of Riley & Darcey, Culburra Beach |

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