What to Pack for the Perfect Pug Day Out

What to Pack for the Perfect Pug Day Out | www.thepugdiary.com

There are a number of items that I never leave the house without when it comes to taking Ref on an outing, whether it be to the local dog park, the beach or a dog day out or festival. Today I am going to share with you my 5 things to pack for the perfect pug day out.

1. Water and water bowl – as with any dog, make sure you have some water and a water bowl on hand. Dog parks tend to have a water supply and water dishes available but some pugs can be down right fussy, like Ref, and won’t drink from a public water bowl. For this reason, I never leave the house without a bottle full of water and a travel water bowl that will fit in my bag.

2. Treats – It is nice to reward your pug for good behaviour whilst you are out and about but for me, I like to have treats on hand for those moments I need to coax Ref back. I usually don’t like letting Ref off lead at beaches or dog parks that aren’t fenced as he is a little explorer, but for those moments that I do, I have treats on hand for when he gets fixated on what he is doing and isn’t listening. Food usually does the trick to get him focused back on me so treats are always in the bag.

3. Baby Wipes – Pugs have a tendency to get themselves dirty, not just at home but anywhere they travel. Baby wipes are handy to have in your bag to clean your pug’s face, paws or any other part of the body. They are gentle and convenient. A must have for any pug owner.

4. Poop Bags – One of the most important items to pack when leaving the house with your pug is poop bags. It doesn’t matter if you are heading out for 5 minutes or all day, poop bags keep you being the responsible pet owner that you are. These days, you can get poop bag holders that attach to the lead so you never leave the house without them.

5. Cooling Neck Tie – In the warmer months, I have added an extra item to take with me to help keep Ref cool. As pug owners, we know how easily pugs can overheat in the warmer months. For this reason, an item like the Cooling Neck Tie is a great addition to the pug day out bag or any time for that matter. You may like to go for a cooling vest or a cooling bandana rather than the neck tie. Either way, it is a must have for any pug owner. You can check out my 7 Products to Keep Your Pug Cool this Summer article for more cooling options.

That’s my top 5 things I pack for the perfect pug day out. What do you never leave the house without when taking your pug on an adventure?

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Kristy Beck

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