What to Pack for Your Dog When on Holiday

What to Pack for Your Dog When on Holiday | www.thepugdiary.com

You’ve done the research on where to go for your dog friendly holiday, what you and your dog will be doing whilst you’re there. But what do you take on your dog friendly holiday? Not just for you, but for your dog. Well I have the answers for you on what to pack for your dog when on holiday.


I know this is the obvious one but it is so important that you have enough food for not only the time that you’re away but enough for a few extra days in case your trip home is delayed. If you’re a kibble or tin food feeder, packing some extra tins or kibble isn’t too much to worry about. Now if you are a raw feeder, keeping your food frozen in a cooler and/or fridge will allow you to take a couple of extra meals of food along. Also take note of where the local supermarkets and butchers are in case your trip home is delayed and you need to buy some more essentials.

It is not only important to make sure you have enough meals on hand for the trip but also those all important treats too. When you are travelling, it is super important to encourage and reward good behaviour from your pug so having plenty of treats on hand is a must.

Water + Water Bowl

Depending on the location you’ve chosen for your family holiday, clean fresh water may not be readily available so making sure you have enough bottles of water to rehydrate your pug is essential. A portable water bowl for your travels is also essential. Not only will you be able to supple fresh clean water for your dog, a portable water bowl that collapses will mean that it is also easy to carry anywhere on your travels.

Poop Bags

Part of being a responsible pet owner is cleaning up after your dog in public. And that means you need an endless supply of poop bags. Be sure to pack an extra roll or two of poop bags in case your dog does their business more than you expect. And they will.

What to Pack for Your Dog When on Holiday | www.thepugdiary.com

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit on hand is a great idea in case of an emergency. Having the essentials before hitting the road can really help especially if there is an accident and you need to make some repairs before heading to the local vet. A simple first aid like this DIY one is all you need to get you going. If you are heading somewhere there isn’t a vet close by, buying a more  comprehensive first aid kit could be more beneficial like this one from Creature Clinic or this one from St Johns Ambulance. A First Aid app like this one can be very helpful as well.

Favourite Toys

Making sure that your pug has their favourite toys to keep them occupied in those times you’re not exploring is a great idea. It can also be comforting for them especially when they are in new and unnerving situations. So making sure their favourite toys or blanket or bed is readily available on your holiday is a must.

Don’t forget….
  • Make sure your pug’s Identification Tag is up to date
  • Pack a spare collar with ID tag, harness and lead in case something happens to the one your pug is wearing
  • If you aren’t staying at a dog friendly accommodation that provides bedding, make sure that you take your pug’s favourite bed along for comfort
  • However you are travelling, be sure to have adequate travel restraints. Check out these car safety tips for travelling with your pug
  • Take note of where the closest vet is in case of an emergency
  • Put some towels in the car to clean up after your pug should they get into some mud when on travels

So what to pack for your dog when on holiday can be full on but with this easy guide, you won’t miss on packing any of the essentials to make your holiday super awesome with your pug. What do you think your pug would need on their holiday? Is there anything else you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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