How Owning a Pug has Changed My Life

It is coming up to Ref’s birthday and each year as he gets older, I stop and think about how owning a pug has changed my life. And this year is no different except that I am sharing with you just some of the ways owning a pug has changed my life.

How Owning a Pug has Changed My Life |

Improved aspects of general health & wellbeing

I would have to say this has been one of the most important aspects for me that has changed from having Ref in my life. I see quite often on the Internet the phrase “my therapist has four legs” and boy is this true. Even on the crappiest of days, all I need to do is look at my little guy and everything just feels so much better like the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders. And those cuddles he gives when he knows I’m sick or not feeling myself is just make everything better. And when I’m tired and he does something cute and adorable or funny that puts a massive smile on my face or laugh is just the best.

Not only has Ref improved my mental health, he has made me more active whether it has been taking him for walks or chasing him around the house or backyard. Not to mention the extra walking I have to do when he decides to explore the dog park at pug meets.

How Owning a Pug has Changed My Life |

Making new friends

I have never been much of a social person but having Ref has made me step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. Because I wanted him to socialise with other pugs, I started a regular pug meet for the Wollongong area. And from this, not only has Ref made some awesome friends but I have too. And they are people whom I could trust to leave my little guy with if I ever needed to.

The great thing is, I’ve not only made great friends locally, I have made them all over the world because of Ref’s Instagram account. I have built relationships with so many amazing small businesses who help me out with fundraising for charity. And absolutely none of this would happen if I didn’t have a pug in my life.

How Owning a Pug has Changed My Life |

Further Education & Knowledge

Because I want nothing but a healthy and happy pug who will live a long life with me, it has made me further my education & knowledge of not only pugs and their health but diet & nutrition for dogs. I really enjoy learning about how diet & nutrition can affect a dog’s overall health and behaviour. And putting everything I learn into practice to improve Ref’s health. You can read just a little about how changing Ref’s diet improved his health in my post in Going Raw…. Why I’m Stoked I Did!

I really do enjoy learning new stuff. And because of my love for pugs has grown more and more with the love of my boy Ref, it led me to starting this amazing little blog. With starting a blog, I have undertaken a number of courses on blogging that really has broaden by knowledge and I love it!

How Owning a Pug has Changed My Life |

There really has been a number of ways how owning a pug has changed my life. Everything I’ve stated above is just some of the major ways having Ref has made life better. But I think one of my favourites is this blog. If I didn’t have Ref in my life, I wouldn’t have this blog and such an amazing community.

How has owning a pug changed your life?

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