An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

I adopted Serina on 16th September 2016. It is nearly her 1st Gotcha Day. So much has happened since she came into our lives. So much has changed too. I wrote an open letter to Ref nearly 3 years ago and I thought what better way to celebrate Serina’s 1st Gotcha Day than writing an open letter to my rescue pug. This is what it would say….

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

Dear Serina,

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since you joined our family. You make our little family complete. You bring so much joy and love that I didn’t think was possible.

I will never forget the day I saw your adoption profile on Pugs SOS. I read your profile and knew instantly you would be perfect for our family. I already had an application in so I just needed to let them know of my interest. I told mum and dad about you. I told everyone at work that I had put my application in for you but I didn’t like my chances. That was a Monday night. Wednesday morning, I got a message from Pugs SOS telling me more about you and was I still interested. Of course I was. I hadn’t met you yet but you had already stolen my heart. Thursday we had a home inspection with your foster carer. Friday night we met you.

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

You were a big girl. Scared. On anxiety medication. Hip dysplasia. But you were perfect. I couldn’t wait to take you home. We had our first family photo then I got your harness on and popped you in the car beside Ref. We drove you to your forever home. It was late when we got home. I was nervous and totally forgot the basics. You peed and pooped in the house in the first 5 minutes. I took you to bed but didn’t know how you would sleep in your new home. I had a bed right beside mine. You woke every hour but as I reassured you it was ok, you went back to sleep.

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

The next morning I was so worried how I was going to give you your medication if you didn’t eat your food. I didn’t want to freak you out. But you gobbled up your food and medication with no problems. I let you check out the house and find your safe place which was in my bedroom. You spent the first week in the comfort of the new bed I got you in my bedroom. You came out for meal time and so I could take you outside to the toilet. But all I wanted was for you to feel safe. Everything else would come later.

As each day passed by, I watched you feel more comfortable. You slept better on the bed with Ref & I. You explored the house and backyard. You sat in the lounge room with us. I got you some stairs so you could get yourself on the lounge. I started to wean you off your anxiety meds. After a few months you no longer needed them. I got your weight down to 10kg. I watched you become more confident. I watched your personality come out.

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

There were many things I didn’t think you would do but I watched you do them. Your biggest achievement so far is mastering the doggy door and I now love that you use it so many times a day so you can enjoy one of your favourite things of sitting in the sun. You have become so confident that you will let anyone pet you when we go out. You will say hello to other dogs and explore the dog park. You will join any human who has a blanket to sit on. And you’ll be right behind me as I retrieve the wandering Ref.

I love you so much. I love that you are a bossy boots who is not afraid to tell me when you want your dinner. I love that you like to boss Ref around and let him know who gets the prime spots in bed. I love that every single night you wake me up with kisses so you can get under the blanket for cuddles. I love that every morning you wake up with a stretch and then come give me morning kisses. I love that you let me give you cuddles and kisses. I love that you will occasionally come sit on my lap. I love that you have normal dog antics like rolling around on your back on the bed, the grass and even the lounge.

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

I love that you go crazy when I put my jeans and chucks on when it’s the weekend cause you think it means I am taking you out. I love that you get so excited for going out that it’s hard to put your harness on and you pull at the lead to go. I love that because you are so excited to go out that you carry your own lead to the car. I love that I can get you out of the car when we get home and you head straight to the front door. I love that you know where your home is. I love that you feel safe and happy. I love taking you to the vet and the staff saying how you are such a different dog to when they first saw you.

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

I love that you wag your tail when you see mum and dad. I love that you get super excited for dad to eat his meals. I love that you and Ref happily coexist. I love that you know you are loved and safe.

I love you so much baby girl.

Happy 1st Gotcha Day Serina. Here’s to many more to come.

Love always your mummy


An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug |

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