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This month’s app of the month feature is on the Mans Best Friend app. The Mans Best Friend app is available on both Apple and Android devices and is filled with great diet, enrichment and training information.

Mans Best Friend |

What is the app?

Mans Best Friend is an app designed by a dog trainer to help dog owners provide a happy, healthy & enriching environment for their loved pooches. There is a 7 day program that targets different areas of your relationship and will give you a healthier, happier and better trained dog. But before you can tackle the 7 day program, you will need to read the section on how your dog’s diet can affect their behaviour. And then follow some advice on how to clean up your dog’s diet. This includes making the switch to a raw diet. If you aren’t convinced on a raw diet, then you definitely to read my article Going Raw… Why I’m Stoked I Did!


Mans Best Friend |

There is a shopping list to help you get started with the 7 day program which includes buying some items for environmental enrichment. Don’t worry though, Brydie covers the importance of environmental enrichment too in a section of the app.And then there is the training tips section. A great little section that gives great advice you should read before approaching training with your dog.

Now before you start the 7 day program, make sure your dog has been on a raw diet for 7 days and that you read the all important terms & conditions. Now the 7 day program covers simple, quick and effective steps to help your dog to be happier, healthier and better trained. It includes a diet & enrichment section, a training section and an exercise section. The training and exercise sections will take you 30 minutes or so to do with your dog each day. And each day you will introduce a new command to teach your dog, whilst reinforcing what you’ve taught them the previous day. 

Mans Best Friend |

Who is this best for?

This app will be great for any dog owner. Put quite simply, if you have a dog that misbehaves especially when you leave, doesn’t listen when you are home then you need this app to help you to train your dog and help them to become a well behaved pooch.

Where to buy?

Mans Best Friend is available for just $4.99 from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Final Verdict

This is a great app for the price and can certainly be a great stepping stone to have healthy dog. The 7 day program is the right start anyone needs with their pooch and the diet, enrichment and training information is great as well.  A well trained and stimulated dog is a happy dog. And a happy dog is a happy human.

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