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Love That Pet Review |

I love online shopping and I love spoiling Ref so when I was approached by Love That Pet to check out their online pet store and review it, I took up the opportunity. Love That Pet gave me a $100 gift certificate in return for placing an order with them and telling all of you wonderful readers about my experience. And before you all go “this will be boring”, I will tell you now that if you read all the way to the end, there is a cool surprise for you all. So keep reading…

Who Love That Pet are & my online experience 

Love That Pet are an online pet supplies store. They have a decent range of pet supplies from beds to clothing, collars, leads to flea & tick treatments, grooming products, health & wellbeing products to harnesses, toys and even some training & behaviour items.

Now some online pet supply stores can be overwhelming and hard to find what products they sell. Love That Pet isn’t quite like this. You enter their website and you’ll find more than just their pet store but the pet store is so easy to find.

Love That Pet Review |

The Love That Pet homepage

Once you navigate your way to the pet store, you can find both a dog and cat store or you can choose to shop by a brand name. Shopping by a brand name is handy when you know exactly what brand you are after. Once you are in the dog store, you can check out what categories they have available.

Love That Pet Review |

Love That Pet’s dog store categories

Now this is the fun part. Take a good look around all of the categories. But just remember, once you are in a category you can access all of the other ones from the left hand side menu except the clothing section. I definitely recommend checking out the clothing first so you don’t forget that section.

I had a couple of things in mind to get Ref so once I had a good look at all of my options, I headed straight for the bed & bedding section. There are quite a number of options of beds and I have been searching for a really good bed for Ref.

Love That Pet Review |

Love That Pet dog beds category

Of all the bed choices, I quite liked the look of the top right bed which is a Cuddler Bed in Sand colour by Snooza Pet Beds. This looked good quality, comfy and had some great info on it that sold me on it. It came in 2 different sizes with a sizing guide there for help too.

Love That Pet Review |

Cuddler Bed page with detailed info on the bed

I simply used the drop down menu to select which size I wanted and then used the add to cart button. So simple and you can even see it has been added to the cart at the top of your screen. From here you can choose to check out or continue shopping. And since I still had some money to spend, off I went.

Love That Pet Review |

Adding an item to your cart is so simple

Next up was to get Ref some toothpaste and a tooth brush. I head to the Health & Wellbeing section and from there I could select a sub category from the left should I want to narrow my search. I chose the Dental Care section and selected a set that I thought would be best. It has toothpaste and 2 types of tooth brushes. I could see they had it in stock so I added it to my cart.

Love That Pet Review |

Dental Care product I chose

From there I could select the view cart or checkout option as I had reached my spending limit. I chose to go to the cart to make sure I had everything in there. Here you can make quantity changes to the products you have and you will also see that you get free shipping once you spend $100. Too easy. I simply entered my gift certificate code under the checkout button to redeem my voucher. If you have a discount code, you can enter it here too.

Love That Pet Review |

Cart page before checking out

From here, I could check out. And since I went $6 over my gift certificate, I had to make payment. Here I enter my billing and shipping details so I can get my goodies for Ref. Nice and simple and you can even create an account for future purchases to be quicker. When you get to the payment, you can pay by credit card or PayPal. I went the easy route and paid by PayPal so I didn’t have to grab my credit card. From there you are directed to the PayPal site to confirm payment. Payment is confirmed and you are back at the Love That Pet store with your order confirmation.

Love That Pet Review |

Confirmation page from Love That Pet purchase

Now what?

For me, my experience never ends once I have made my payment. So I want to share with you what happens once that payment has gone through. First up, I get a confirmation of order email not too long after the purchase has gone through. I can see everything I have ordered, how much it cost me and all of my shipping details so I know its coming to the right place. Now because I placed my order before 3pm, it had a guarantee next day shipping. The only problem was that the bed was coming separately. I did receive an email about it so that was ok. The first parcel containing the toothbrush and toothpaste arrived the following day and I had the bed within a week.

Love That Pet Review |

The goodies arrived in nice packaging and Ref loves his new bed

The Final Verdict

I found the whole process of purchasing pet supplies from Love That Pet to be nice, easy and quick. Just what everyone wants from an online shopping experience. I have yet to trial the toothpaste and toothbrush as I am trying another dental care option at the moment. But Ref loved the packet of liver treats that came with it and enjoys his comfy new bed. And I’m so glad I waited for the perfect bed cause this Snooza Pet Cuddler Bed is just that. And I can now see him in it unlike is old black one.

What’s In It For You?

Now you have made it all the way to the end of the post, Love That Pet has given me an offer to share with you. Head to their online pet store at and if you purchase any toys, collars, harnesses or leads, you can get a 20% discount. Pretty cool huh? Just use the code before 30th June 2015.

Love That Pet Review |

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