How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area

How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area |

Pug people seek out pug people. It’s true. We are all alike in so many ways but the main thing that brings pug people together is our love for our pugs. And with this love, we want our pugs to have the most loving and fulfilling life we can possibly give them. This means that we want our pugs to have a wonderful social life so we seek out pug meet up groups in our local area. There are a lot of pug meet up groups throughout the country but what do you do if there isn’t one? To put it quite simply, create one. Now if you don’t know where to start with it, all you have to do is follow these simple steps to organise a pug meet up group in your local area.

How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area |

Search for a dog friendly off-leash location

Search on your local council’s website for off-leash venues. All councils have a section on their website dedicated to pets and their regulations for their council area. Dog parks may be fenced but there are a lot of off-leash dog parks that are not fenced. If you are not familiar with the dog parks or beaches in your area, take the pug out on a day trip to check out all of the options available so you can choose the best park or beach. A dog cafe at a park or beach is a bonus for treats and cuppas for you and the pug.

How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area |

Choose day & frequency

The obvious choice for a pug meet up day is either Saturday or Sunday as the weekend will attract more people and pugs to the meet up. The next step is to choose how often you want to have the meet up. Meet ups are usually held once a month but I have heard of it being more frequent in areas such as Melbourne where they meet up weekly. If you choose to just have it once a month, decide on which weekend in the month such as the first Sunday of the month or the second Saturday of the month or even the last Sunday of the month. Whatever you choose, stick to it for consistency so that no matter what, pug people and their pugs know when it is.

How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area |

Choose time

When choosing a time for the pug meet up, be sure to take into consideration what the average temperature is so that it is not too hot for the pugs. Morning and late afternoon meet ups are usually best with 9am or 10am starts to 4pm or 5pm starts. Also consider a finishing time. In summer, you won’t want to have the pugs out in the heat so an early morning start like 8am or 9am is more practical.

How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area |

Create a Facebook group

A Facebook group is the best option for people to know about the pug meet up. In here you can create events to invite all members to for each meet up. This is particularly great if you have special themed pug meets, such as a Pugmas Party, where you need to know how many people are coming. A Facebook Page can do the same but a group will allow the members to post more easily and share photos of their pugs and from the meet ups. You can also control the privacy of the group allowing you to monitor who comes into the group in order to avoid spammers. And finally, a groups post is more likely to be seen by the members than a post from a page.

How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area |

Get the word out

When you see pugs out and about, be sure to tell them of the pug meet up details and the Facebook group. You can also create some fliers to hand out or even business card magnets with the details of the pug meet up and the Facebook group URL address. The more you get the word out to other pug owners, the more pugs you will get to your meet up.

How to Organise a Pug Meet Up Group in Your Local Area |

There you have it. Your guide to organising a pug meet up group in your local area. Something nice and easy to do that will lead to so much fun watching the pugs play and meeting so many new wonderful people. And once you’ve created your local pug meet up group, be sure to come back to the site and head to the Pug Events page to find out how you can get your pug meet up group listed on the site.

Now who is ready to organise a pug meet up group in their area? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Avatar Jenny on March 15, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Great stuff Kristy! I am totally going to do this for Punky and her friends! I will come back and tell you all about how we are going and once we have a date and location! Thank you for your pawsome advice xoxo

    • Kristy Beck Kristy Beck on March 16, 2015 at 8:44 pm

      I can’t wait to see your Canberra pug group in action.

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