How to Make Your Dog InstaFamous

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for pets. It is a lot of fun to post photos of your pug on Instagram. It is a great way to discover fellow dog crazy people and share your pug with the world. It is also a great way to discover new small businesses that you can support. But best of all, it is a great community to be part of. Now if you want to take your pug’s photos to the next level and share them beyond family & friends, you will want to follow these tips on how to make your dog InstaFamous.

How to Make Your Dog InstaFamous |

Use your dog’s name & breed in their username
Choosing your Instagram handle name is pretty important to gaining more followers. When I started posting photos of Ref on Instagram, it was under my personal account using my own name. I started to pick up a good following through the photos I shared of him but it didn’t really take off until I changed the username to be @refthepug. Since it was all about him anyway, it made more sense to switch to his name and then people could follow him as it was obvious that it was a dog’s account. I went with his name and breed in his username to make it easy to identify him. If you have a popular dog’s name, you’ll need to get creative with the username. Some examples of pug accounts that got creative with common names:

Choose a perspective to post from
Choosing a perspective to post from and sticking with it creates consistency. I started out posting photos of Ref and writing comments from my perspective. But I soon changed it to writing from Ref’s perspective. Why? It is a lot of fun to post what you think your dog would post about. It allows you to get creative and create posts that are going to show off your dog’s personality. It doesn’t matter which perspective you write from. It is fun either way to share stories about your pug or from your pug. But choosing one creates consistency in your posts which will help to grow your following.

Take good quality photos
For me, taking good quality photos is the most important part of Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing platform so having good quality photos is key to growing a following. Make sure that your photos are:

  • In Focus – no blurry pictures
  • Are your own – don’t steal other people’s photos & if you are sharing a photo a friend on Instagram took, be sure to give them credit in the comments and tag them in the photo.
  • Are bright & clear – don’t post photos that are dark and hard to work out what it is of. You want your photos to be bright so your followers can see just how adorable your pug is.

Check out out photo tips section on taking better photos.

How to Make Your Dog InstaFamous |

Post consistently
As with anything to do with social media, consistency is the key. If you want to build a good following, posting consistently is best. Post consistently good quality photos. Consistently post every day whether it be once a day at 8pm or 3 times per day spread out over the day. Don’t flood your Instagram feed with 5 photos in 5 minutes and then not post for days on end. You want to be consistently in your followers feeds so posting every day will allow that. And if your are posting more than once a day, try to leave at least a couple of hours between posts so that you don’t flood your followers feeds but give them something enjoyable to see regularly.

Be Creative
Being creative is one of the best ways for your Instagram account to stand out. Not just with your photos either but with your comments. Being creative and relating your photos and posts to people will catch their eye even more. You may want to start something fun that you post about regularly. Two of my favourite accounts that post creative photos to regularly are @gwentheblackpug and @tofu_pug. They both created something fun, creative and unique that they are remembered for. Gwen has a lot of animal costumes and has her own fun hashtag called #gwenszoo. And Tofu is a bow tie connoisseur who is currently posting one of his photos every day that features a bow tie called ‘a different bowtie for every day of the year’.

How to Make Your Dog InstaFamous |

Create community
Instagram is one big community so a big step in how to make your dog InstaFamous is through creating and being part of the community. Be active in replaying to comments left on your photos from followers even if it is a simple ‘thank you’ for their comment. Answers questions that your followers leave so they can get to know you better. Participate in challenges whether it be weekly challenges like our pug photo challenge or sharing a photo based on a challenge that one of your friends tags you in like the black & white challenge or 10 facts about me challenge. And don’t forget to leave nice comments on photos from the accounts you follow too.

Use supporting hashtags
Use supporting hashtags that people will tend to look up or use for their features. There are many great dog feature accounts to help build your following. And to make sure you have a chance of being featured, make sure you are taking good quality photos. Most feature accounts want to share good quality photos. Some great dog feature accounts to follow and use their feature hashtag include:
There are also many great accounts that also do shoutouts on one particular day of the week like our friends at @mrbiscuitthepug and @itslolathepug. We also do a shout out every night on @the_pug_diary and for your chance to be featured, the hashtag to use is #thepugdiary
Popular tags for pug accounts include:
#pug #pugs #blackpug #fawnpug #pugstagram #puglove #puglife
I personally like to place my supporting hashtags in a separate comment so the photo comment looks clean especially since I am directly sharing to Facebook where hashtags aren’t so popular.

How to Make Your Dog InstaFamous |

Have fun
The most important part is to have fun. Enjoy creating photos with your pug. Enjoy sharing the photos and creating community. But most of all, enjoy the lasting memories you create with your pug. You will cherish them for years to come even when Instagram is no longer popular.

Is your pug InstaFamous yet? If so, what extra tips would you share for others on how to make your dog InstaFamous? Would love to see your comments below. And feel free to share your a story about your pug’s Instagram account too.

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Kristy Beck

Kristy Beck

Owner & Content Producer at The Pug Diary
Kristy is the founder and editor of The Pug Diary, a photographer and pug mum extraordinaire to Ref + Serina. Kristy has combined her passion for photography with the love of pugs to bring you all of her knowledge of pugs and more to you through The Pug Diary.


  1. Avatar Kristy on February 8, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Thanks for referencing our unique name.

    I think it’s really important where you stated to have fun. Don’t take it too seriously. There’s no magic formula to grow your account. It takes time and dedication.

    Another thing to point out, is don’t feel like you have to follow everyone back. Follow the accounts that you want to follow. Many people who do follow you are doing so to up their followers and rarely because they love your account. Don’t be disappointed when those ones unfollow you 2 days later. It’s just what people do.

    The best way to grow your “circle” is to start noticing your follower’s friends. You will see that each breed circle has many common friends. Keep notice of those who post on your friend’s photos. Those are the type of people you want to follow. They are the loyal ones who put the effort into their friend’s feed. They are more likely to take notice of your account if you follow them and mention you have mutual friends. But most importantly, if you put the effort in on their account, they will do so in return.

    The most benefit I have received from my account is the new friends across the world that I talk to everyday. I receive many beautiful post cards and letters from my new friends. Sorry, my dogs receive many beautiful post cards and letters. It’s been worth the time I spend on there everyday.


    • Kristy Beck Kristy Beck on February 8, 2016 at 1:02 pm

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the article Kristy. I like your extra tips. They are all great tips to follow. And definitely the most important part is having fun and not taking it seriously. Whilst it can be serious business for some, it is more fun for everybody than anything else.

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