How to Choose Pet Friendly Accommodation

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Are you the type of person who likes to travel? Want to take your pug along? It can be hard planning travel with your pug especially when it comes to accomodation. It’s all about knowing how to choose pet friendly accommodation. And that’s just what I am sharing with you today, how to choose pet friendly accommodation when travelling with your pug.

How to Choose Pet Friendly Accommodation |

Photo by @itsmoosethepug on Instagram Pet Friendly Location: Arnold House in Livingston Manor, NY

Let’s start with what pet friendly means to us. I know for me, pet friendly means I can take Ref along to wherever I am going and he is allowed with me no matter what. So I can take him out to have a bite to eat and he’ll be allowed to sit by my side and enjoy the time together. It means I can go away for more than one day and know that our usual sleeping arrangement won’t be changed and he’ll be able to sleep right beside me in the big bed. But is that what pet friendly really means?

To put it quite simply, when it comes to accommodation there are 3 types. No pets allowed, pet friendly and pets allowed. The most common is no pets allowed. Pet friendly is slowly becoming more available but pets allowed is much harder to come by. So what’s the difference between pet friendly accommodation and pets allowed accommodation? Well they both call themselves pet friendly accommodation but they aren’t the same.

How to Choose Pet Friendly Accommodation |

Photo by @itsmoosethepug on Instagram Pet Friendly Location: Arnold House in Livingston Manor, NY

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pet friendly accommodation usually means that your pet is welcome to stay at the same place as you but with strict rules. More often than not, it means your pet is restricted to the enclosed yard and if you’re lucky, they’ll be allowed inside in one particular area like a laundry or only on hard surfaced areas. In other words, they tolerate pets but don’t really allow them.

Pets Allowed Accommodation

Pets allowed accommodation on the other hand generally means that pets are allowed in the hotel or holiday house like they would be at home with you. So they can be in any area in the room or house and even sleep on the bed with you. There are still rules to follow but nothing like most pet friendly accommodations. If you’re staying at a pet friendly hotel where pets are actually allowed then you’ll find that outside of your designated pet hotel room, dogs must remain on lead at all times, they must not be left unattended at any time and aren’t allowed in the dining areas. But that’s pretty much it.

How to Choose Pet Friendly Accommodation |

Photo by @itsmoosethepug on Instagram Pet Friendly Location: Arnold House in Livingston Manor, NY

The Search for Pet Friendly Accommodation Tips

So when you’re looking for pet friendly accommodation, what should you look for? Here are some guidelines to help you find the right accommodation:

  • search for “pet friendly accommodation” and the city you are looking at visiting
  • read the accommodation’s website for rules on staying there with your pet
  • find the terms and conditions that outline where your pet can sleep and what areas of the accommodation they are allowed in
  • if you can’t clearly find whether they are allowed indoors, call them to find out what the rules are
  • when searching for a hotel, look for the term “pet friendly room” which means it is a designated room that allows pets inside
  • for hotels, look to see if they have a secured courtyard with the room that will allow for easy toileting and a run around when needed
How to Choose Pet Friendly Accommodation |

Photo by @itsmoosethepug on Instagram Pet Friendly Location: SoHo Grand, Manhattan

Each hotel or holiday house will be different in their guidelines but if you find a pet friendly accommodation that allows you to have your pet with you indoors, then you’ve found a good one. Where is your favourite pet friendly accommodation? Leave a comment below sharing it and if they allow pets inside too.

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  1. Avatar Bonnie on May 31, 2017 at 7:26 am

    My husband, 12 year old Pug Max and I all thoroughly enjoyed our stay in January. The staff and accommodations are really amazing as well as the area of Fell’s Point in Baltimore. i absolutely recommend!

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