How Essential Oils Helped My Pug’s Car Anxiety

How Essential Oils Helped My Pug's Car Anxiety |

When I was planning for our pug friendly adventures with a 12 day road trip covering more than 3800km, I had some real concerns about Serina’s car anxiety. I was so apprehensive about how Serina would cope with travelling in the car for long periods of time. She has always been restless in the car. I guess it was more anxious behaviour than just restlessness or not being able to get comfortable. She wouldn’t sit still. I couldn’t use the roadie harness with her. She would sook the entire time in the car. And she would scream at me when we stopped, even if we weren’t actually at our destination. But then I found essentials oils and I want to share with you how essential oils helped my pug’s car anxiety.

The reason I started using essential oils was because I was talking with a friend about how Serina just wasn’t calm in the car whether it was for a shirt drive or a long drive. She mentioned to me I should try some lavender whether it be fresh lavender or essential oils. Lavender has calming and relaxing properties. To be totally honest, I had no clue where I would get fresh lavender or how best to use it but I remembered that another friend had shared a business with me that was based around essential oils for dogs and humans. I figured I’d be better going down that route since I could get some guidance with it to make sure I was using the essential oils the correct way.

How Essential Oils Helped My Pug's Car Anxiety |

I met with Emma & Emily from Two Oily Ems and they were brilliant in giving me the guidance I needed to work on getting Serina calmer in the car. Over the course of a couple of months, I tried a number of different calming oils with Serina. I could not pin point any one oil that seemed to have a really calming effect on her in the car. I tried Lavender, Copaiba, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Balance. I tried combos of these too. I diffused them before leaving the house. I let Serina smell the bottles, with the lid closed for safety. I popped some on some fabric to pop on her harness. I was almost at my wits end as to what to do as none of these seemed to work perfectly for her. I was so close to going to the vet and getting some anxiety pills for the road trip so she would be calm but decided not to because I really didn’t want her doped up for the trip. I was just going to take my chances and hope she would be ok.

Only a couple of days out from our road trip, I got my hands on an anxiety spray recipe featuring Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Frankincense. It was the combo that actually worked a gem. I made up the spray so it was very diluted in a bottle with water. Since this was quite a big batch, I transferred some to a smaller travel size spray bottle to have in the car. On the day we left on our road trip, I took both Ref & Serina for a walk to help calm them down and get some energy out of their system. Before I popped them in the car, I gave their beds a little spray with the anxiety spray, like just one squirt on each bed. I did both beds, not because Ref needed it, but in case they switched beds throughout the car ride.

How Essential Oils Helped My Pug's Car Anxiety |

How did I know this particular combo of essential oils helped my pug’s car anxiety? Quite simply, Serina displayed none of her usual behaviours when travelling in the car. At first I wondered whether it was the anxiety spray or whether it was the fact that I walked her before going in the car. But as time went on throughout the road trip, I knew it was the essential oils. One day we got straight in the car without any walks beforehand and Serina was restless. I realised I hadn’t used any of the spray so the first chance I had when we were stopped, I popped a little on her bed and she immediately calmed down. I also noticed as the road trip went on, she stopped screaming at me when the car stopped. I honestly couldn’t believe how calm she had become in the car and we had some days where we spent a good 8 hours in the car. It was like a miracle but in fact it was just essential oils. I am still amazed how essential oils helped my pug’s car anxiety.

How Essential Oils Helped My Pug's Car Anxiety |

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