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I love finding new products that will enrich the life of Ref. And whilst some of them will help him to lead a healthy life, others are just to make him happy like this month’s purchase of the month, doggie ice cream. You read that right. You can now buy ice cream that is formulated especially for dogs thanks to Golp.

I had seen Tofu post about this doggie ice cream a couple of months ago and I wanted to get my hands on some. To my disappointment, at the time it was only available on the west coast of Australia. Not long after though, Golp announced that it would be reaching more stores across the country with it showing up in Costco stores nationwide. I was excited. I’m sure Ref would have been too if he knew what sort of treat he was in for.

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Photo courtesy of www.golp.com.au

So what is Golp doggie ice cream exactly? It is an Australian made pet formulated ice cream that tastes delicious and is gentle on dog’s tummies. It is 97% lactose free and contains a probiotic booster in it too making it a delicious treat for your pug. It is available in single serve cones, 6 pack cones and 500mL tubs. The cones come in two flavours of Vanilla & Berry and Vanilla & Green Tea. The tubs, which is what I managed to pick up at my local Costco comes in Vanilla & Berry and Vanilla Bean.

Naturally, I got both flavours in the tubs for Ref to try and we started with the Vanilla & Berry flavour. It is a lovely pink but also super easy to scoop out. Now I would normally just give him a scoop in a bowl but to have some extra fun with this, I popped a scoop into an ice cream cone. Ref absolutely loved it. He couldn’t get enough of his special ice cream. The video and photos will show just how much the little dude loved it.

So you want to get some for your pug too now? Well the easiest way to find a stockist near you is to head on over to the Golp website to find stockists. Whilst there aren’t many along the east cast-off Australia, I am sure if you head to your local pet store, you may be able to talk them into becoming a stockist.

Ref gives a 5 paw rating on Golp doggie ice cream!
Watch his video testimonial.


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  1. Avatar Wynstan Doug Pugs on March 28, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    This looks so delicious!! The video is too cute Ref!

  2. Avatar Gloria Alkins on July 18, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Seriously cute little pooch. Saw this stuff at Woolies today in WA. Not cheap but my two Beagles are well worth the expense so I’m getting some!!

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