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We all know that pugs shed like crazy. And I have shared some tips for reducing pug hair around the house previously. But since then, I have added an extra item to my pug kit that is just an absolute must for every pug owner. If you don’t own one yet, once you read this you will want to get your hands on a Furminator.

Furminator | www.thepugdiary.com

So what is the Furminator?

The Furminator is a deshedding tool. It is designed to “push through the topcoat easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the delicate skin, when used as directed.”

Sounds great right? Well it is. It is just the tool you need to have in your grooming kit that will help reduce loose pug. Whilst you should brush your pug every day with a soft brush to help reduce the amount of shedding, you shouldn’t use the Furminator every day. It is designed to not cut or damage skin, but daily use is not recommended. I would stick to using it no more than once a month. Bath time is a great time to use the Furminator especially when you a bathing them once every 4 weeks. A good brushing using the Furminator before a bath will help get those loose hairs out from the undercoat making bath time less messy.

It is designed to reduce loose hair from shedding up to 90%. So teaming this up with regular brushing with a soft brush, you will have a winner with hair reduction around the house.

Furminator | www.thepugdiary.com

Ref after a 10 minute of brushing with the FURminator.

The Furminator isn’t a cheap brush sitting around the $50 mark for the small dog, short hair version but it is well worth the money. A shop around on eBay may see you pick it up around the $30 mark. Either way, you will want this as part of your regular grooming kit along with a soft brush and some natural shampoo & conditioner.

Do you have a Furminator in your pug grooming kit already? What are your thoughts? Or are you heading out to buy one now? Let us know your thoughts on the Furminator in the comments below.

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