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I buy a lot of things for Ref but there are only several that I think you would all like to know about so I will be sharing one purchase each month that I think you will not just want to have, you will need to have. So to kick off the purchase of the month column, I will be telling you all about Ref’s new ID tag.

froid ID tag |

froid is a relatively new business on the pet scene. They offer a service where you can search, compare and book a range of pet services such as pet sitting, pet boarding and other pet care services. But what makes me jump up and down about fraud is their froid ID tag. And let me tell you this, it is no ordinary dog tag.

The froid ID tag is one awesome looking tag with some extra special features. They currently have 7 super cool designs including the “Follow me, I’m Famous” tag that I purchased for Ref. Not only do they look cool, they actually allow you to create a customised website for your pet should anything happen to them. Now the tag comes engraved with your pet’s name, your contact number and this customised web address.

froid ID tag |

So you’re asking what is so special about having a customised website for your pet. Well quite simply, it is giving you the option to have additional information available besides the contact number printed on your pet’s tag. When you go to their website to purchase your own froid ID tag, you will have to put in some details for the site, which can be updated whenever you need to. This information includes owner details of name, mobile number, work number and home number. You will also get to put in the same details for a second contact person along with your vet’s name, phone and address, your pet’s microchip number and important medical and dietary needs or other important information.

Now this information is accessible to anyone who finds your pet should they go missing. But the cool thing is the added security of the person accessing your pet’s website having to put in their name and contact number before retrieving your information. As soon as the website is accessed, you will also receive a text message saying who has accessed it and their number for your to call them.

froid ID tag |

By having a froid ID tag, you have one awesome looking tag for your pet but you also have that added piece of mind that should a good person or someone of authority finds your pet if they go missing, they will be able to get hold of you, your second contact or take your pet to your vet until you can get them back home safe and sound. Now I always hope that this part of the tag will never have to be used but should Ref get out, I know I have done everything possible to ensure that he gets home safely to me. Added piece of mind is always good.

So now I can hear you screaming “where can I get a froid ID tag for my pug?” Well that is really simple. Head to, scroll down and click on the order your froid id now button just under the video about froid ID. It will only cost you $18.95 (Australian) including shipping. That’s pretty darn good for something that looks so awesome and is practical.

Photography & Content by Kristy Beck

*** Disclaimer – We only review or recommend products we have tried & loved. This is not a paid endorsement in anyway. The froid ID tag was a purchase made by myself.***

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