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I am sure every one of you has done a Google search when your pug has got their paws on something they shouldn’t have, they have suddenly fallen ill or hurt themselves. And this is usually so you can quickly determine if you need to take an unexpected trip to the vet. I know I certainly have. Well this month’s App of the Month could just be the life saver you need. First Aid For Pets (Australia) is an app for both iPhone and Android that will be so important should an emergency arise with your pug.

First Aid for Pets Australia |

What is the app?

First Aid for Pets (Australia) is an app that contains a quick reference guide to first aid for pets. And it is not just dog but cats as well. It contains information that could very well save your pugs life.

First Aid for Pets Australia |

It contains informational on a range of medical problems including behavioural changes, bites & stings, bleeding, breathing problems, injuries, sickness, Emergency Procedures and much more. Within each of these sections, there is a list of symptoms that your pug may have.  Once you have found the symptom it will give you a list of procedures to help your pug immediately before taking them to the vet. There is a large range of information here including how to perform CPR on your pug should you ever need to.

First Aid for Pets Australia |

The app also has a section that allows you to select your local vet from participating vets so you can call them or find the address should you need to. There is also a list of Emergency Vet Hospitals throughout Australia for those moments when your vet is closed. Very handy if you don’t know of the closest Emergency Vet Hospital or if you are from out of town.

First Aid for Pets Australia |

Who is this best for?

This app I think is one of the best animal apps I have come across so far and every pet owner who has an iPhone or Android phone should have this on their phone. It truly could save a pets life.

Where to buy?

First Aid for Pets (Australia) is available for FREE from the Apple App Store and from the Google Play Store.

The Final Verdict

This app is certainly a lifesaver. Everyone who has a pet should have this on their phone. You never know when you could need to access this sort of information and it is much quicker and easier to access it on the app than it is to do a search on the internet. It will also be very handy for those times that your vet is not open and you need details of the closest Emergency Vet Hospital.  This app is only a reference guide and doesn’t replace the wealth and knowledge of your pugs vet.

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