The Fight Against Puppy Farming

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The battle is real. And not just the fight against puppy farming itself, but the governments who create the laws that protect our four legged best friends. There are dogs all around Australia being subjected to the cruel environments of puppy farms and are treated as just puppy producing machines. Profit making machines. And not as the companion we all know and love. But there are people and organisations fighting for the rights of all dogs across Australia.

The Fight Against Puppy Farming |

What are puppy farms?

Puppy farms or factories are a cruel life for too many dogs. And yet they are more common than they should be. But what exactly are puppy farms? Here is an excerpt from Oscar’s Law that sums it up perfectly.

Puppy factories are intensive breeding facilities for companion animals, which put profit ahead of welfare. Puppy factory dogs are frequently denied adequate food, water and shelter, and their veterinary care and social needs are completely disregarded. Breeding dogs are permanently confined their entire lives and forced to breed back to back litters. Most suffer painful, untreated health conditions.

Puppy factory dogs are never patted, never walked, never shown any love. They’re never allowed to love and nurture their puppies, which are taken from them at a few weeks old. When their exhausted bodies are no longer able to breed these pitiful creatures are killed and replaced.

These cruel facilities supply pet shops with puppies, where they are sold to the public as being from “reputable breeders”. They’re also traditionally sold through online ads. Puppy factory puppies often have serious illnesses or defects from bad breeding practices, with many of them becoming sick and dying before being sold.

The Fight Against Puppy Farming |

What is Oscar’s Law?

Oscar’s Law is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation, dedicated to abolishing puppy factories in Australia. Their mission is clear:

  • to abolish the factory farming of companion animals in Australia
  • to ban the sale of animals from pet shops and online trading sites
  • promote adoption through rescue groups, pounds and shelters

Oscar’s Law encourages all Australians to take a stand and tell the Government that we do not want companion animals factory farmed anymore and we do not want the pet industry to mislead us about what is acceptable for our animals.

The Fight Against Puppy Farming |

How can you help?
  • Adopt, don’t shop
  • Report puppies sold in pet stores as they are most likely from backyard breeders
  • Don’t buy puppies sold in pet stores
  • Email your local member of parliament
  • Spread the word about the cruelty of puppy farming amongst friends, families and dog groups you are apart of
  • Use the resources available from Oscar’s Law to help spread the word
  • Donate to the organisations that are fighting the tough fight against puppy farming
  • Volunteer with organisations that are in need of a helping hand
  • Purchase merchandise that supports the organisations that fight puppy farms
The Fight Against Puppy Farming |
  • Oscar’s Law – learn more about this incredible organisation who is leading the way with the fight against puppy farming
  • Pugs SOS – a nation wide pug rescue group that you can adopt a pug from rather than buying from a shop
  • Saffron on the Hill – a pug rescue group based in Victoria doing everything they can to help pugs in need
  • Pug Rescue Victoria – another fantastic pug rescue group based in Victoria doing what they can to help pugs find a loving home
  • Animal Welfare League – AWL has branches all over Australia and with a no kill policy, they are helping dogs find forever homes
  • RSPCA – with branches all over the country, RSPCA is helping with the fight against puppy farming and helping dogs find new homes
The Fight Against Puppy Farming |
Want to show your support for Oscar’s Law?

ID Pet Australia has a charity ID tag that has money going directly to Oscar’s Law from each one sold. You can make sure your dog has an up-to-date ID tag and show off that they want to see Oscar’s Law in place around the country. And if you purchase one between 9th July and 9th August 2016, you will be able to grab a special green ID tag with $6 of the sale of each tag going directly to Oscar’s Law. Join the ID Pet crew who want Oscar’s Law and get your ID tag here. Be sure to share your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #IDpetOscarsLaw so both ID Pet and Oscar’s Law can see your support. And also tag your Oscar’s Law ID tag photos with #tpdoscarslaw so I can see how awesome you are supporting such an amazing organisation.

The Fight Against Puppy Farming |

Are you joining the fight against puppy farming? What are you doing to help the fight? Leave a comment below sharing your support for Oscar’s Law and don’t forget to tag your I Want Oscar’s Law photos on Instagram using #tpdoscarslaw!

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