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Does your pug have itchy paws or itchy skin? This month’s purchase of the month is here to help with just that. Essential Dog is an Australian business that focuses of providing safer and natural alternatives for dogs with a range of products including shampoo, conditioner and deodorisers. The product I love the most though is the Anti Itch Spray.

Essential Dog Anti Itch Spray |

I have been using the Anti Itch Spray on and off now for about 6 months as Ref gets itchy paws. With the help of the Anti Itch Spray, he gets instant relief from irritated paws. But what makes the anti itch spray so great is that it is an all natural product. So besides finding the cause of the itch, I can give Ref some instant relief without the use of harsh chemicals. With just a squirt or two onto his paws and a little rub in, he stops the excessive licking of his paws.

Essential Dog’s Anti Itch Spray is perfect for any skin irritation so it is a handy one to have sitting at home for those itches your pug just won’t stop scratching. So what is in the Anti Itch Spray that makes it so good? It contains certified organic aloe vera juice, certified organic calendula extract, certified organic vegetable glycerin, mixed tocopherols, soya oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree pure essential oils. It all combines perfectly to give that natural, chemical free relief every dog wants.

There are great benefits to each ingredient in the Anti Itch Spray. The Aloe Vera is great for burns, scrapes & irritations. Calendula Extract is goof for treating allergies, fungus, yeast, itchy skin, wounds & inflammation and it well known for its antiseptic & anti-irritant properties. The Lavender essential oil helps reduce anxiety, excessive licking, is a great antiseptic, numbs pains and even repels fleas & other insects. Tea Tree Oil is a great antiseptic and has anti-fungal properties as well as numbs pain from skin irritations and prevents licking. And Vitamin E is great for healing skin lesions. All of this combined with the expertise of veterinarians, naturopaths, chemists & natural perfumers, great products are born.

Essential Dog Anti Itch Spray |

With such great benefits, this is definitely a product you will want to have stashed away at home whether you have a pug who gets itchy paws from grass, itchy skin from food allergies or just an itch for many other reasons. Natural ingredients, Australian owned & made, 100% recyclable & biodegradable and not tested on animals are amongst the reason to have this.

You can buy Essential Dog’s Anti Itch Spray from their website for just $17.95 plus postage to anywhere in Australia.

Photography & Content by Kristy Beck

*** Disclaimer – We only review or recommend products we have tried & loved. This is not a paid endorsement in anyway. The Essential Dog Anti Itch Spray was a purchase made by myself.***



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