DIY Pet First Aid Kit

DIY Pet First Aid Kit |

We all have some sort of First Aid Kit at home for ourselves in case we have a minor accident but what do you do if your pug has a minor accident? I was thinking the same thing… I don’t know. I don’t have a First Aid Kit for Ref. So I did some research on what sort of things I would need in a Pet First Aid Kit and decided to put together a basic kit. You can create your own DIY Pet First Aid Kit too.

Things to include:

  • Gauze to wrap around wounds or control bleeds
  • Bandages for compression and dressings
  • Surgical tape to secure bandages/gauze
  • Small scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Antiseptic Spray or Cream for small grazes or wounds
  • Cotton pads for clean up and topical treatments
  • Cotton buds for topical treatments
  • Storage container to keep it all in
  • Surgical gloves for when attending to wounds
  • Saline solution for rinsing of eyes, ears or wounds
  • Hand sanitiser to clean your hands after attending to your dog

Additional items I am storing in in this kit for Ref include:

  • Essential Dog’s Natural Soothing Anti Itch Spray – I have this on hand for Ref as he gets itchy paws. A couple of sprays on each paw stops him from licking them due to irritation. Works wonders and handy to have
  • Paw by Blackmore’s Gentle Ear Cleaner – Ref has always be prone to itchy ears and this all natural ear cleaner makes it easier to clean his ears and reduces the itchiness
  • Monthly worming treatment – I buy Ref’s worming treatment in 6 month quantities and since it needs to be applied every month, I am storing it here for convenience
  • Any other items I want to be able to find at ease including Paw Soother & Snout Shine from Natural Dog Company, doggy cologne and Boo Boo butter

DIY Pet First Aid Kit |

You may also like to add an info sheet to the inside of your Pet First Aid Kit that can include important details for quick reference for yourself or someone who is looking after your pug. This can include:

  • Pet’s Name
  • Pet’s Microchip Details
  • Your Local Vet’s Contact Details
  • Your Local 24 Hour Emergency Vet Hospital Contact Details
  • Any allergies they may have
  • Any medications they are taking
  • Any dietary requirements

Now when it comes to a storage container, you can pick up a snap lock plastic container at your local bargain shop for a couple of dollars. I chose to go with a cool vintage looking one from K-Mart which is bigger than what is needed for a basic Pet First Aid Kit but I can store other essentials in there for easy access.

DIY Pet First Aid Kit |

This DIY Pet First Aid Kit will be handy to have should a minor accident happen to Ref at home where he doesn’t require a trip to the vet or to patch him up until I can get him to the vet in an emergency. Now this is just a starting point for you or if you don’t want to create your own basic Pet First Aid Kit, you can order through St Johns Ambulance, their Pet First Aid Kit for $34.95 plus postage. It contains a lot more items but is very handy if you and your dog are adventurous as it would suit your needs much better.

Do you have a Pet First Aid Kit at home? If not, are you going to make one up now?

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