Custom Pug Art by Kooee Papercraft

I honestly never thought I could love a dog as much as I love Ref. And because I love him so much, I want to have as many things to remember him by cause I know he won’t live as long as I want him to. Photos are the obvious thing to have to remember your beloved pug by but I have been finding many other ways to have something to remember Ref by. So what better way than to get pieces of custom pug art. And I have to say, Ref isn’t going anywhere any time soon but if I can get a range of pieces of custom pug art over his years, I will have a gallery of Ref art.

The first piece of custom pug art that I have had done of Ref that is truly unique and something you will all love is by Kooee Papercraft. And as the business name says, they create paper craft.

Custom Pug Art by Kooee Papercraft |

The process of getting a custom pug art piece created by Kooee Papercraft is pretty easy. You head to their Etsy store and purchase the custom dog portrait. It is only $45 (Australian dollars but Etsy will automatically convert to your chosen currency) to have a custom piece of art created. You will be sent a form to fill out about your dog and to send photos through of your dog so the paper craft can be as accurate as possible. And then Amy, the owner of Kooee Papercraft will work her magic and before you know it, she will be sending you a proof copy of your custom pug art to make sure you are happy before sending through the final piece of art.

It really is such a simple process to get a custom pug art paper craft done and it is something that is really awesome to have. Once you have received the custom pug art, the fun begins. It comes to you via email so you can print off as many copies as you like to make and share with family & friends. Then you can sit down and put together your paper craft. I think it took me about 20 minutes to sit and make paper Ref but seeing the end result was pretty cool. I have to say, Ref looks pretty awesome in paper. I loved how Amy captured his curly tail, his wrinkles, his little white tuff on his chest and my favourite, his melt your heart eyes. Seriously, look at those eyes.

Custom Pug Art by Kooee Papercraft |

As my first piece of custom pug art, I am over the moon with how Ref came up as a paper craft. It was well worth every cent to have this custom pug art made by Kooee Papercraft. Be sure to head to their Etsy store and get your order in today to have your own made. And I must say, forget taking a flat version of your pug places they can’t go cause with a paper craft of them, it’ll be like they are just there with you. Will you be getting this piece of custom pug art done of your pug?

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