Custom Pug Art by Dog Side Studio

Custom Pug Art by Dog Side Studio |

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Imagine you’ve just walked into a bar. Poor lighting. Smoke. A gorgeous bartender. It’s been a long week. You take a seat at the bar. You turn your head to see who’s sitting next to you…. it’s your pug! A martini, beer or scotch in their paw, lapping up the atmosphere of their surrounds.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing scene? Seeing your pug in a bar enjoying a drink? Well now it can be a reality. Enter Dog Side Studio to create that exact scene for you to enjoy every day.

Custom Pug Art by Dog Side Studio |

Dog Side Studio are the newest kids on the block when it comes to custom artwork of your pug. And this is one you will want to hang in your lounge room, dining room or the man cave! It is artwork to suit every pug owner.

Dog Side Studio provides an experience you won’t forget with an end product that will have all of your house guests talking. To have your pug, or pugs as the case may be, in a world where a load can be taken off and a beer or four enjoyed, the process is easy. All you need to do is head to and check out the Booze Hounds! It’s right here where the fun begins. You have a choice of 3 amazing bar scenes that have been hand crafted by Andy himself. There is the BeerDog’s Bar, the Guv’nors Arms and the Fu Ba’s to choose from, a bar for every personality.

Custom Pug Art by Dog Side Studio |

Once you’ve chosen you bar scene, how many pugs you’re including in the bar, how many prints you want and throwing your money at Andy, you just need to upload some high quality images of your pug that shows off their personality. Then sit back and let the magic begin.

As so much detail is put into your very own custom artwork, you will need to be patient as you wait 2-4 weeks for your print to arrive. But let me tell you, it will be so worth the wait to have a one-of-a-kind piece hanging in your home. The details are like nothing you’ve seen before. From pictures hanging on the wall to the fine detail of every single strand of fur on your pugs body and not to mention the reflection of the bartender in their eyes. There is no detail missed in this artwork.

Custom Pug Art by Dog Side Studio |

When your print arrives, you will need to not only think about where to display it but how you will display it. For me, there is no other way to display it than matted in a frame and hung on a wall. Now the print is no ordinary sized print so you will need to have a custom frame made for it. The great thing about this is that you get to choose the colour, width and design of the frame and the matting that will finish it off beautifully. I ordered my custom frame online from and wasn’t disappointed. The frame finished the piece perfectly and at a reasonable price.

Custom Pug Art by Dog Side Studio |

A custom piece of art like no other, you won’t be disappointed with one of these in your home. And to sweeten the idea, Dog Side Studio has an offer for you not to miss. For the next 2 weeks, you can save a whopping $100 off your very own piece. With prices starting from $400 per artwork, this is a huge saving to snap up right now. All you need to do is enter the code ‘Pugsbum’ at checkout and you’ll save $100 off your order. Don’t miss this great offer as it does run out 12th November 2017!

Custom Pug Art by Dog Side Studio |

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  1. Avatar MobileFraming on December 14, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    This pug is one of the most adorable dog you’ll ever see…the photos are just perfect

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