Custom Pug Art by 157ofGemma

Custom Pug Art by 157ofGemma |

I am loving scrolling through Instagram and seeing custom pug art showing up in my feed. It is so refreshing. Plus there are so many amazing artists out there that there is something unique every time an artist creates a custom pug art. I have already had one piece of custom pug art created of Ref and I want to keep adding to that. And I have by getting a custom piece done by one of my favourite artists, 157ofGemma.

Everyone knows and loves Mochi who is the star of Gemma’s cartoons. And having your own piece of art done in the same style is pretty awesome. So I made contact with Gemma to find out if she does private commissions. And I was excited to find out that she does. And so I just had to get a drawing done of Ref by Gemma.

Custom Pug Art by 157ofGemma |

Gemma has a few options available for custom pug art. You can get a hand drawn black & white piece of your pug. It could be as simple as your pug sitting on their own or something more detailed. Or you could get a digital drawing done, which is great if you live on the other side of the world to Gemma, like I do. A digital drawing can be a simple or more detailed one. And you can even request that Gemma adds it to her Society6 store so you can purchase an awesome piece of merchandise featuring your pug.

Custom Pug Art by 157ofGemma |

I chose to go with a custom digital drawing. That way I can print it out to display at home and not worry about anything being damaged from shipping it across the world. And whilst I have had this drawing for some time, I haven’t had the chance to print this image just how I imagined having it done. But I will. And it will look amazing on a canvas. The process was amazingly easy too. A few emails back and forth with Gemma with the idea I had of what I would like and the net thing you know, I have the image sitting in my inbox.

I feel honoured to now have a piece of custom pug art done by the amazing 157ofGemma. I love my Ref the Superpug drawing! It is was worth every single cent. And it was also the inspiration for Ref’s Superhero birthday party this year.

Custom Pug Art by 157ofGemma |

When buying custom pug art from any artist, please keep in mind that this is their livelihood and they create art for you to enjoy in your personal life. You should never consider using personal artwork for commercial purposes without the permission from the artist and compensation.

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