Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Pug Party

I love throwing pug parties! This year’s pug party was special. My little boy Ref turning 7 and my little girl Serina’s 1st Gotcha Day were the reasons for this year’s pug party. I must say it was fun but exhausting.

What went into this years party? I had an idea of a high tea kind of set up. It didn’t quite go to plan. Purely cause the human to pug ration was out of whack. It really helps having a human for every pug when food is invovled. But there is more to this high tea themed pug party. Bows & pearls were also part of of it. Since I love Ref in a bow tie and Serina in pearls, I thought my blog logo was the perfect basis. Bows, pearls and a high tea. What’s not to love.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Pug Party |

There is a couple of things that I had to organise to bring the pug party together. The pug’s outfits. The treats. And the decorations. The pug’s outfits wear easy. Ref was to wear a bow tie. A blue satin one and a white shirt collar. So Ref. So dapper. Serina’s was easy too. Some pearls. I found on eBay for around $5 each, a set of white pearls and a set of blue pearls. Figured I’d leave the decision until the day. White or blue. I went with both cause well why not.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Pug Party |

The treats were the fun part. I got in touch with Kim at Miss Drew’s Bakery. She does custom dog treats for any and all occasions. I couldn’t think of a better person to make treats. I told her of the theme and left the creativity in her hands. Boy did she deliver. She made some amazing high treats. There were macarons, vol-au-vents, yo-yos, heart cookies, donuts & macaron tower cakes. All using bow ties and pearls as the theme and with the blue and pearl white for colours. Kim also made some special Ref & Serina cookies for the party favours. They were my favourite of the treats she made.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Pug Party |

The decorations were a bit more difficult. I couldn’t get what I wanted for decorations but went with what I could get. It turned out to be blue, white and silver with stars. Nothing over the top but just enough to add some party feel to the backyard.

Essentially, the pug party is all about the pugs interacting together and getting some good photos of them at the same time. The photos for me are what I love to have to look back on the day. And of course, the fun of watching the pugs enjoy their treats. I did have too many treats on hand so I only gave them their macarons, vol-au-vents, yo-yos and macaron tower cakes. Oh and of course a puguccino each. The pugaccino was made with lactose free milk topped with some liver sprinkles. Getting some video footage of the pugs enjoying their delicious puguccinos and treats was great.

The party may not have gone quite to plan as I would have loved to have the pugs sit at the table to have their high tea but it was a great couple of hours. We loved having Ref & Serina’s bests Wynstan & Doug come as well as our favourite rescue pugs Misty & Cookie come for some fun to celebrate at their joint pug party. We all had some fun…. until the next pug party.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Pug Party |

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